Sunday, September 28, 2014


The perpetually outraged Mother Jones, in the person of their co-editor Hannah Levintova, is having another meltdown, this time over the pro-family conference held in Moscow through the 14th of this September (wish I'd been there).  She is so outraged that pro-family, pro natural family to be specific types are joining others of like mind in Moscow to do their bit to encourage larger families with mothers and dads (Good Heavens!) that the poor girl might have to book an appointment with her analyst.

Not only is it in Moscow, but it is being encouraged by the government (President Putin sent messages of goodwill to the attendees), by the churches (in the person of Patriarch Kirill) and by people from all over the world (like Austin Ruse) who are there in attendance, many of them Catholic.  For the collection of nitwits and pederasts who populate the Mother Jones website and the other websites and blogs who share their somewhat peculiar outlook on life, this obviously cannot stand.  And so they have contacted that other paragon of pure virtue, The Human Rights Campaign, to contact the US government to find out if this conference violates the sanctions against Russia imposed by the sodomy-friendly USA and its European puppets.

It is rather funny to watch these characters pulling their hair out, foaming at the mouth and becoming unglued whenever something pro-family, pro-large family, anti-abortion or anti-perversion rears its head.  And in Moscow yet.  And evil Putin is making nice with them.

As Hannah Levintova might say, "Oy vey!"

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