Tuesday, September 30, 2014


While great saints and scholars and mystics and martyrs are completely forgotten, and when even some local churches abandon the names of the Saints who inspired the construction of the sacred edifice by scratching their names off the stones and replacing them with more with-it monikers such as "The Church of the Three Holy Women" for example, some churches around the world even go to the length of promoting a new type of Saint altogether, one who was never even of the true Catholic Faith.

[If the link shows up in Italian there is a translation option you can utilize.]

When even dubious "revered" men like M.Luther King, a non-Catholic (and whose personal life cannot by any stretch of the imagination be considered exemplary) can now find their faces adorning Catholic places of worship then perhaps even I can begin making advance arrangements for my own canonization.  While travelling some years ago in Loreto, at the church which encases the Holy House, the grinning visage of Mr King was glowering at me at the entrance to that sacred place, a timely reminder that our present woes did not originate with the present pontificate.

The Church is suffering from an illness;  I hope it is not malignant..

M.L. King and his mentor, Stanley Levison


CJ said...

What? No Margaret Sanger? How about John Denver? Big Bird?

Steve Dalton said...

The man was a communist dupe at best, he was definitely a Godless socialist.

Anonymous said...

I've heard those names mentioned in an updated litany of Saints.

It is all an attempt to create a universal church that embraces all creeds and none. Apparently, the Catholic church is too exclusive, since she wants to get souls to heaven, and other religions just can't do that.

Anonymous said...

How come the FBI files on the 'reverend' MLK are sealed for 75 years. What has this secular saint got to hide? Plenty it seems!
I've said it before and it needs repeating; the Catholic Church is now a willing cog in the NWO mechanism.It's not rocket science, it is obvious to anybody with half a brain. This Papacy shouts its will acceptance from the rooftops!

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