Thursday, November 21, 2013


Sage advice from blogger Dad29:

"One of the First Things in politics is 'Never, ever, adopt the language of the enemy.'"

Now, dear, old Dad29 is more of a political blogger who writes much about politics, often from a Republican Party perspective, but his quote can be easily applied to any conflict between two ideologies.  What he says is correct: don't adopt the language of your enemy.

Unfortunately, when speaking about the homosexual perversion modern man has been doing exactly that.  Worse, modern Catholics have been doing the same.  They are taking a perfectly innocent word "gay" and using it to describe something unspeakable.  My dear fellow Catholics I am telling you very bluntly that when you use that word to describe sodomite behavior you are signalling defeat in a very crucial battle of a very real war.

Nor is this a small point.  When the enemy - and let us name the enemy: a satanic juggernaut using perversion as its weapon of choice - defines the terms, and the opponents accept those terms, the opponents have already lost. Every time the word "gay" is used to describe this unnatural vice we concede ground.  It is one of the most clever devices of the Overseers of the Pit to change the meaning of words in such a way that men call evil good and good, evil.  It is that upside-down mentality of the devils, which turns Masses into Black Masses and crucifixes upside-down that drives this war on words.  If we here could but succeed to convince our fellow writers to stop using that word in its perverted meaning we would have achieved something.

Even solid, thinking Christians use the word.  My very dear friends this cannot go on.  The sodomites laugh and smirk among themselves when they see their adversaries using their own terminology.  And why shouldn't they?  They see a battle, not a minor skirmish, that they have won.

This writer once had a brief correspondence with a noted Catholic writer regarding his continued use of that word to describe the homosexual perversion.  I suggested that "buggery" would be a better and more exact word to use to describe this but he brushed that aside by saying, quite frankly, that since "gay" is now the accepted word to use to describe them (accepted?  by whom?), and that it is now widely in use, that he felt perfectly comfortable in using it in the future.  He added that the word "buggery" was somehow too old-fashioned to be taken seriously.  (We must therefore presume that other such words as "murder", "bestiality" and "adultery" would also make his list of old-fashioned words not to be used any longer.)  A true futurist, he.  But this is what we are up against.

As cringe-making as it is to see the word "gay" misused so outrageously it is equally troubling to redefine serious mortal sins as "attractions".  Well, yes, they are attractions: sinful attractions.  Mortally sinful attractions to be more precise.  But when some frightened souls are discussing buggery the word "sin" must be eliminated and substituted with something more medical-sounding, such as "same sex attraction".  Once again, many Christians have begun using this strange phrase in such a way as to suggest that a sodomite is merely someone suffering from some kind of disease, like pneumonia or the mumps, and that therefore we should not encourage him to get into the Confessional but instead we should commiserate with him in his unfortunate malady.  I will certainly admit that there are those who are plagued with the terrible temptation to commit these awful acts and that if we are aware of someone so suffering we should of course sympathize but with firmness.   When your mother discovered you were shoplifting candy bars at the grocery store when you were a child did she deal with you as someone with some sort of sickness, or did she take a firm hand, practicing "tough love"?  I believe we can be safe in assuming that she did not explain to the shopkeeper that her child was suffering from Candy Filching Attraction and that he must try to understand.

Even worse we now have a phrase to describe serious, destructive mortal sin that is the cleverest of them all.  I refer, of course, to that nebulous condition, "sexual orientation" which emerged out of thin air a few decades ago.  Truly, that phrase has come directly from the halls of Hell.  It is brilliant and meaningless at one and the same time.  Like Humpty Dumpty's vocabulary it is designed to mean whatever it is we want it to mean.  Brilliant it is because it builds upon the dubious "SSA" myth and embellishes it.  It is designed to make us accept anything, any carnal appetite no matter how twisted, as something we are born with.  If your interest is in pederasty, or God knows what else, it is simply your orientation and you must just live with it and not have to be plagued with admonitions to mend your ways.  The phrase dovetails perfectly with the "born that way" nonsense that the unthinking have begun to accept more casually.  Good people have fallen victim to this phrase, causing them to put aside their revulsion of vice, and that is the most saddening thing of all.  A more perfect illustration of preternatural influence would be difficult to find.

This is a campaign of mendacity that has had sensational success.  If the same methods were to be used to convince the public that bear-baiting or cannibalism are now acceptable, just like sodomy now supposedly is, it most likely would have worked in the same way.  How prophetic was the Church then when She warned that the acceptance of contraception and the contraceptive mentality would lead to crimes such as abortion and sodomy.  The same mind that would now accept such unspeakable evils as abortion and sodomy would soon without question soon accept even more of the perverse.  Indeed I fully expect that in a very short time you will be able to legally murder your mother.  When that time comes they will surely come up with a soothing, medicinal phrase to describe matricide.  Because using the right words is the crucial thing.

That is why this deadly war is a war of the words.

Dear friends, do you really, truly want to help these people who are succumbing to the homosexual temptation?  These people are headed for the abyss as we well know  If we wish them to avoid that then we must begin to rethink our sentimental views about their condition.  Sentimentality about something so gravely serious as this will do nothing to rescue these poor souls whose manner of living will bring them certain spiritual death unless they give up this vice.  It is a vice that is degrading them and even causing them to take leave of their own senses.  Help for them can come by not mincing words about what it is we are talking about.  Ending the use of fanciful phrases and words to describe their condition will do more good for them than trying to find excuses.

We especially exhort our Bishops to lead the way in telling it like it is and to strenuously avoid the nice, calmly words like "gay", "sexual orientation" and whatever else they will come up with to put lipstick on a pig.  For remember, Your Lordships, that if you don't start to courageously step up to the plate with clear, unequivocal language you will lose one small battle after another, and will soon find yourselves like Lemuel Gulliver, tied down with tiny ropes - but enough of them so you will no longer be able to move.  The world is boxing you into a corner, dear Bishops; while you still have time you must start speaking out, with clarity and strength.  They have all the forces of evil on their side and they are formidable forces.  But you have one up on them...if only you would choose to use Him.

I have a sense of futility about all this.  I have lost count of how many letters to the editor, or responses in blogs I have written to attempting to encourage people, especially those who know better, to cease using the Enemy's terms of reference.  Very few have been convinced, and whether it is because my writing skills are not equal to the task or because people believe it to be a trivial matter my efforts have met with only a very limited success.  But as this war is indeed a war and because this point is far from trivial I shall continue trying to point out that calling things honestly what they are, even in the most charitable way possible, is crucial to efforts to wrest them away from the wrong path they are taking, and that every inch conceded to the promoters and enablers of unnatural vice, like using the word "gay" to describe something unspeakable, is another inch of ground that we have lost.

We have lost far too much ground already.


Martina Katholik said...

Aged parent: well said.
Another term of the enemy is "remarried divorcees" which is used even by Popes.

aly said...

I absolutely agree that this is a serious problem that too many Catholics are not taking seriously and yes that's how it happens inch by inch step by step.
It seemed to me that the very day after the Defense of Marriage Act was rejected many bloggers began to step back a little in language that yesterday had been acceptable by many serious people and the triumph of politically correct Newspeak proceeded inch by inch etc. I too reject Newspeak
because using the powerful instrument of language the world is changed for good or for bad. And more often it is used for bad.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Aged Parent for echoing what I have often preached. And you are also correct about people who should know better yet continue to use the language of the enemy. Time to wake up, people and cease being part of the problem!

Queerdom is NOT "gay". Yesterday morning was gay. The song I sing may be gay. And I had a gay time shopping with my girl friends today. But Queerdom is anything but gay. The enemy uses that word as a marketing tool to advance sin. The word "gay" is a legitimate word for OUR use. Start using it every chance you get. It is OUR word and we need to take it back. NOW!

"Performing an abortion" is another term from the Language of Liars. Abortions are not "performed", they are COMMITTED. And "doctors" do not commit them, ABORTIONISTS do.

Now let's get it right, people. Time to soldier up!

Aged parent said...

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments. It gives me some hope.

Anonymous' comment about "performing" an abortion is so true. Imagine a TV announcer saying something like this:

"Last night a group of people performed a brutal beating of an elderly man....etc."


"This morning a robbery was performed at the First National Bank..."

The war that we are in is indeed one of words.

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