Saturday, November 9, 2013

1961 B.C.

Because everything in the Catholic Church must now be reckoned as having been before the Council and after the Council it will simplify discussions if we refer to all dates prior to 1962 as "B.C.", Before the Council.   That way it will be easier for Churchmen high and low to communicate their ideas on what the Church is in the here and now and not what it was in prehistoric days.

This will even help us to eliminate the Jewish-inspired terms B.C.E. (Before Common Era) and C.E. (Common Era), which were cooked up a few years ago as an insult to Christ, terms which even the Church Herself has now adopted in some of its proclamations, ever sensitive to the feelings of others.

So since all now agree that the Council was the New Pentecost, the Great Awakening as it were, it only seems fitting for the Church and the world to adopt this new system of dating events.

A few examples:

In 33 B.C. Our Lord Jesus Christ was put to death and then rose from that death.

In 70 B.C. in fulfillment of Our Lord's prophecy the city of Jerusalem was razed to the ground by the Romans.

In 1545 B.C. the Council of Trent (a minor Council as opposed to the New Pentecost one that came later)  was convened.

In 1961 B.C. the future Pope Paul VI, Giovanni Battista Montini, was doing much behind-the-scenes preparatory work on the New Pentecost which would officially commence the following year.

We presume this would be the best way to go forward since all Catholic Church pronouncements, Encyclicals, official texts and speeches, as well as sermons, initiatives, architectural designs, musical compositions, Luminous Mysteries, missals, etc. are imbued with the teachings and emanations of the Second Vatican Council, even though occasionally allusions are made to some Jurassic statements made in the past by certain neanderthals, but are passed over in silence by most book writers, theologians, canon law gurus and the general Church establishment.


Anonymous said... are right on the 'target'....
I spend 6 weeks in Poland this past summer. You walk in any Catholic bookstore, all you see is pictures of all post-Vatican II popes all over, all books are written by those inspired by the 'new Pentecost', books on the best Council Vatican II the Church has ever had......the only encyclicals you will find, and I mean I was in few big cities......are......John XXIII (they call him 'the pope that always smiles'.....and they give you such a big smile)......then, we have Pope Paul VI, JOHN PAUL II, Pope Benedict XVI......and, well of course Pope FRANCIS - second behind John Paul II. As we can only imagine.

Not in one bookstore, could I find any encyclicals of Popes pre-Vatican II. Hoping to give to my 'love is in the air' relatives. Of course, when I questioned the nice ladies at the bookstore........WHY?....first they smile to put you at ease, then they look at you as if you have fallen from the moon, probably thinking.......'why she wants to read the encyclicals of the pre-historic, ancient Popes?' So, still smiling, one of the smiley ladies, would just kindly tell me.....'No, we do not have it, because, there's no one interested to read them'. She, could have as well said.......'we are modern, we are keeping up with the times, and you want to stay behind in the times of 'doom', 'gloom' and what have you'.........

To make the long story short......I was frustrated, running on very 'low battery'........repeating over and over, that the Holy Catholic Apostolic Church is 2000 years old, NOT 50!

Ave Maria!

aly said...

I have been about the business of defending the 2000 year old Catholic Church to people who see it from perspectives very much representative of the last fifty years. Sometimes when I make statements that are true of the old Church but seem not quite true of the new Church, I realize that I'm just lying. It is a difficult situation. And to further complicate everything, many of the people I'm speaking with think that all western Christians are Zionist-Christians and that they all support Israel and all it's wrong-doing and that they care nothing for Palestinians
or others in the Middle-East.

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