Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Where does one even begin to reply to such a thing as this, pictured above?

I don't doubt for a moment the sincerity behind it, but I would first ask the individual who cooked up that photo and caption, how many of those 1.2 billion Catholics actually behave as Catholics, or, more to the point, even believe as Catholics anymore?  One must assume that such a person is very impressed by numbers but little else.  That he (or she) has no historical perspective whatsoever - or I daresay any historical knowledge whatsoever - is quite obvious from this exercise in unamusing self-delusion.

Unfortunately such a photo will cheer only those who wish to avert their eyes from the imminent danger many, many Catholic souls are in at this moment.  As ever, the blind seemingly always lead the blind.  Their heads are firmly buried somewhere and they answer earnest calls for prudence and discernment with cheeky responses, like the photo pictured.

I suppose it would not be sporting of me to remind the creator of this advert that if the current occupant of Peter's Chair continues on the rocky course of his predecessors he might find himself adjusting that 1.2 billion number down a trifle.

And one question does beg to be answered:  how much greater than 1.2 billion would be the number of Catholics worldwide if Holy Church would once again

a) heal itself of doctrinal and liturgical catastrophes,
b) get deadly serious about governing and
c) start proclaiming the necessity of the Church for salvation?

But perusing the website from which this "meme" arose it is clear that what they lack in inventive humor is more than made up for by their total misunderstanding of the current Catholic reality.


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Anonymous said...

Whoever made that absurd advert is on crack.

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