Monday, August 26, 2013


Who will stop this?  I do not know.

Will it be Russia?

Will it be the Pope?

Neither of them seem willing to take on the US/Israel hegemon and its British, French and German stooges.  They could, if only they would.  But it doesn't seem like they will.  Another unjust war of aggression will unleash the extremists who will burn more ancient Churches, ancient manuscripts, works of art, and will scatter, kill and decimate the few remaining Christians in Syria.

But, you see, no one cares.  Not even some of our good, fellow Catholic bloggers.  This saddens me to no end.  Many blogs will rightly condemn the murder of Christians by Muslim madmen but will stop short of naming the causes, of exposing the behind-the-scenes puppeteers who are merely using the Muslim extremists as pawns in a much larger game and to shift blame away from themselves.

But what I find even more astounding is that, given the fact that some bloggers may not have taken the trouble to acquaint themselves with the other side of the story they are more than willing to accept at face value the outright lies emerging from the Obama administration (as they were accepting of the lies of the Bush people) regarding a so-called "chemical attack" which is clearly a trumped up, staged event designed to lead the American populace into cheering on their next war.  We are not saying there was no chemical attack.  What we are saying is that if there was one it was not committed by the Assad regime.  Assad is not suicidal after all.  For months the propaganda machine was spewing out the line that if there was ever a chemical attack incident in Syria that would be the "red line" that would be crossed.  And, what do you know?  As if on cue, the so-called "red line" was crossed!  But wait.  The Assad people said, bring in the UN inspectors to look into this chemical attack story.  America says, "sorry...too late".  The world's bully wants another war so no investigation is required.  But wait...the UN inspectors come anyway - but are now being, as we speak, shot at by mysterious "snipers" hampering them from their work.  Does this sound like a typical Grade Z Hollywood fantasy?  It should, because it is.

Let us think about that.  The Obama people are spying on everyone, listening to your calls, reading your mail, shoving the crimes of sodomy and abortion down our throats, persecuting the Catholic Church rather openly with their "mandates", are creating every kind of strife and discord imaginable and are constructing a totalitarian despotism every bit as cruel as those of recent history...and despite all of that Catholic bloggers are still willing to support them when it comes to these terrible wars of aggression.  Mind-boggling is too mild a phrase to use to describe this.  Do our fellow Catholic writers have to see Obama burning Cardinal Burke at the stake before they will awaken to the fact that every action that comes from this regime is anti-human?

The Catholic Knight Blog is not one of those blogs:  here they fearlessly tell us what is going on.

Vox Cantoris is another blog that understands what is really at stake.

My dear fellow Catholics, we all know well that we cannot agree on every little thing.  But we must be united when it comes to big issues, issues of the Faith and of those who hate the Faith.  The war mongers hate Catholicism with a hatred so Satanic that it is startling to watch them in action.

But we will watch them:,-the-sequel,-in-syria.aspx

If the above articles are unable to convince my fellow bloggers that the "bad guy" in this fight is not Syria then I will have to give up trying.  Perhaps some readers here wish I would change the subject.  It is hard to do so.  The screaming injustice of US/Israel actions enrages the world, this writer included.  Soon the drones, the hellfire missiles, the bombs and the ground troups will descend upon poor Syria and innocent men, women and children will be blown to bits.

Why doesn't anyone care?

Cardinal Rai has written to the Pope twice on the matter of the destruction of Christian civilization in the Middle East.  I do not know if he received any reply.

[UPDATE: Said an Anonymous commenter on the Chiesa site:

 "The West, said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitri Rogozine, moves in the Islamic world "like a monkey with a grenade" ...

Perfectly stated.]

[UPDATE:  From the AntiWar website: "Eliot Cohen, argued in a Washington Post op-ed Monday that “a bout of therapeutic bombing is an even more feckless course of action than a principled refusal to act altogether..."

A "therapeutic bombing".  Incredible.  And Mr Cohen objects to that; he wants more devastation.  These people are monsters.

One can only hope that one day Mr Cohen and those who think like him might experience such therapy for themselves.]


aly said...

Aged parent, Thank you for posting these websites. If anything drives me to frustration it is how many Catholics are Fox News followers.
Real Catholic Culture and Fox News
are not really in agreement. I don't know how they are handling this but can guess. Several weeks ago I phoned two House representatives and two senator's
offices to protest sending weapons
to terrorists. I should say more weapons because I believe they were already being sent. But I have
no clout, no Lobby. I fear that tomorrow we'll wake to bad news.
Tonight I'll pray again that these
United States will not create more
madness and death.

Anonymous said...

I do not know a single Catholic who is falling for the "bad Syria" lie. They know well who is behind all this. If you are reading otherwise online then they are comments by ungraced, lost in space, goosestepping, party-liner conciliar catholics. Why would anybody be surprised?

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon, for the comment.

What tripped my wire to write this post was - other than sheer outrage over the USA's actions - was a post on Creative Minority Report a day or so ago which seemed to swallow the whole "chemical attack" fantasy. There are other bloggers - good, solid Catholics - who are also so pro-Israel that they have almost become "Christian Zionists" and, as such, are somewhat blinded by the whole business.

They're getting almost as bad as the Bible Thumpers.

aly said...

Aged parent, don't forget Maan News Agency. I am curious about what North Face Search BlogSpot is saying. This is the only site I've been banned from. I never use bad language or rudeness. I was banned
for pointing out some of Israel's
sins, thereby limiting my criticism to this modern age. I first visited there as it was on a
Catholic blog list so I assumed it
was a Catholic blog. I soon found
it was a "jihad hunter" All the posts and links shouted "Beware of
Muslims". Every time I criticized Israel and U.S. my comment was removed with no indication such as "comment removed". It would be removed in an hour or a few. My comments that did not refer to Israel stood and often replied to. This was only occasional as almost every post was a "Beware Of Muslims" post.
This went on for several months before I was banned. One of the last, half a handful, posts before I was prevented access was the past Christmas and was a painting of Christ on the Cross. The caption said Elohim has Risen. But now I think of it I can't really recommend anyone go there . As I recall over those months I temporarily stopped going there as it very much irritated me. The blog owner says she is from or in west Texas. In west Texas, Midland, is headquarters of GLC which is Christian and Jews together forever theologies. The Torah Way movement, Christian Friends of Jews, Israel is God's Kingdom on earth and will be Yeshua's Kingdom, God will bless those who bless "Israel" and will curse those who curse "Israel". I am not aware of any Catholic participation but look online and see something like Catholic friends of Israel. Hebrew Catholics. ???

Aged parent said...

Yes, I am familiar with that blogsite. Among the good there is, as you say, much incoherence with regard to the Israeli occupation.

Alas they are only one of many and if you write truthful comments you will either be banned or called names.

I blame the cowardice of Rome for this attitude. They will not find the courage to condemn what so obviously needs condemning. Rome will wake up one day because, after all, God has only so much patience. Eventually God's Church will have to start preaching the Gospel to ALL men, and that includes our Jewish friends.

aly said...

The last straw is the Church not speaking of the Jewish/Israel question
in regard to The Reign of Christ nor even the State of Israel and the Middle East and the world. Creative Minority Report today: The Muslim World Needs Conversion Not Understanding.-Enough. It seems they won't say the same of the Jewish World. I did not read the post. I don't read CMR much anymore
for the reason we've talked of.
Sometime back the Post there was about FN interview with Lila Rose.
I made a criticism of FN saying I had pretty much stopped visiting there. Several people made like comments. The Jewish connection was
commented on by two or three commenters over about three days. That was when the blog closed to
unregistered commenters. Just my opinion; He might as well have said Enough Already!

aly said...

Today, 29 Aug. 2013, Times of Israel, Israeli Intelligence Central to US case against Syria.
Really? Several months following reports that the Syrian forces were gaining ground shortly came reports of chemical weapons used by the Syrian government. In two newscasts that I saw the same day the claim came from Israel, Britain, and France. Then shortly
following though the situation was reported daily with much chattering, Israel was no longer spoken of in the reports and discussions. It seems no one will defy the status quo concerning Israel and The US will continue to deteriorate.

aly said...

Please forgive my error. I meant to say this past Easter.

Aged parent said...


This is an exact reply of the Iraq situation from 2003. The Israelis feed us false reports about "weapons of mass destruction" (which the whole world knows is false) and then the USA starts killing people based on that phony "intelligence".

And the people keep cheering them on.

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