Wednesday, August 28, 2013


As the United States prepares to go on another unprovoked murder rampage, which will cost the lives of untold thousands of innocent Christians and Muslims in Syria, we ask our readers to pray to
Saints Sergius and Bacchus, that they may intervene with Our Father in Heaven to put a stop to this screaming injustice, this madness.

These great Saints are highly venerated in the East and it seems fitting that we should invoke their aid at this terrible moment in history.

The USA and its allies are set to once again commit war crimes.  Please pray to Sergius and Bacchus that they may facilitate a Divine Intervention to stop this evil.

[NOTE: It is with disgust that I must mention that these two great Saints, thanks to the droolings of a self-styled "historian", are being blasphemously invoked as the patron saints of sodomy.  I know...just when you thought that depravity could not go much lower this comes along.  Christians (and non-Christians) with half a brain have already rejected such diseased reasoning.  But we thought we'd better forewarn you in case some monumental idiot tries to push this nonsense on you.]

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