Friday, August 23, 2013


Here is some more news that most likely you won't be hearing about any time soon.  The reason?  It doesn't seem to fit the approved propaganda line.

We await a reaction from the Vatican....without, of course, holding our breath.  Because ever since the Rome/Tel Aviv Agreement of 1994 the Catholic Church has been effectively silenced from criticizing the depredations committed by the occupiers of the Holy Land.

However, one does begin to wonder what it will take for Rome to wake up and realize it has been properly had.

Perhaps the words "Death to Gentiles" written on ancient monastery walls? 

Or possibly the fire bomb that was thrown into the entrance hall? 


Anonymous said...

The way (I) see it is that these scholarly men have not been had but have gone along to get along. And if Malachi Martin has ever told one truth it would be his admission that(in the pay of certain people) he threatened certain other people to go along to get along. As far as (I) can see most of the Jewish hate Christians especially Catholics as
they always have.

Konstantin said...

It's a shame. I just came back from the Holy Land and we have been told by the villagers of Taybeh (almost entirely Arab Christian village) that settlers attacked their Cistercian monastery. You can find the story here:

Anonymous said...

Konstantin, Thanks for your comment. I've not been aware of
mannnews. I have read of like incidents periodically supposedly
committed by price tags. They sometimes graffiti vulgarities on Churches and other Christian properties. They throw stones at and shove nuns and priests about.
We are aware that 1200 units are under construction presently officially approved while "peace
talks" are conducted.

Aged parent said...

Many thanks, Konstantin, for your comment, and the link to your article. It is amazing how much indifference there is to such crimes among our fellow citizens - and our fellow Christians.

Thanks for visiting our blog and for your comment.

I perused your blog and wish I were able to read German! I would say that if ever you cared to offer your thoughts to English speakers on our little blog we would be honored to have you do so.

Aged parent said...


I try to report on these outrages as often as I can if for no other reason than to offer a perspective to readers that they might not have had before.

Orthodox and Catholic clergy, for example, are routinely spat upon my Israelis as they walk down the streets in Jerusalem. How many people know that? Not many.

Anonymous said...

Moneychangers. They ain't changed a bit in 2000 years.

aly said...

Aged parent, I am very glad that you post the down side of a blind support for an ideology that is fraught with deception and bad acts
that due to deceits are never broadly exposed and the ideology adherents' never brought to account. Very many would not support the aims and acts if they became even somewhat more aware of the facts. The down side is ugly and disasterous.

Anonymous said...

"They a'int changed a bit. That is just a fact. And is now the most taboo thing in the "civilized" world to say.

Anonymous said...

Age old observations still hold true. This is an interesting small account yet spans a great amount of time. AntiZion: Famous Historic Persons on the Jewish Question.
William Grimstad. It is inexpensive at $11.00.

Aged parent said...

I am driven to despair over issues like this for many reasons but one main reason is that so many of my fellow-Catholic bloggers sit by and accept the lies and mendacity of Washington without seemingly batting an eyelash.

Right now the US and Israel and Britain and France and God knows who else is preparing to launch another unprovoked, unjust war on a country that has done us no harm whatsoever, Syria. What will be the result of that? More dead Christians. Good Catholics like Creative Minority Report and others are accepting at face value the lies coming from Washington about this supposed "chemical attack" and are gearing up to cheer our government on in another orgy of murder and mayhem. I read their posts and simply cannot believe that after Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia, etc. they are still willing to believe assassins like Obama and Netanyahu. It boggles my mind.

Other bloggers, like the good Mundabor, for example, for whom I have much respect, cling to fantasies about the goodness of American while refusing to face the facts. How can people who are so brilliantly correct on some matters be so willfully blind on others? I do my best to occasionally and, I hope, charitably try to correct their misconceptions.

I started this blog for a number of reasons: ranting and raving, talking about cultural matters, issues within Catholicism and Christianity and to remind people that there are ALWAYS two sides to every story.

It is so depressing and frustrating that my efforts have so little impact in a world awash in lies. When even good Catholics are so completely off-base on certain matters then there would seem to be little hope, humanly speaking.

But I will say this: any Catholic bloggers who support this upcoming war against the innocent in Syria will be at least partially responsible for the deaths of Christians. Yes, they will.

Konstantin said...

Dear Aged Parent, I just came back to your blog via a post you left on Philothea on fire. I am deeply humbled by your request to state my opinion on your blog and feel rather inclined to decline your offer ;-) Nonetheless, I would be willing to write an article, more like a short summary, about the Catholic missions in the 19th century if you wish.

Thank you and God bless,


Aged parent said...

Dear Konstantin:

I would be delighted to consider publishing your thoughts on the 19th century Catholic missions. When you are ready to send something to me please post a comment here and I will then give you an email address you can send it to.

Many thanks again.

Aged Parent

Konstantin said...

Thank you Aged parent,

I will hope to be able to provide something within the next two weeks if that's ok.

God bless,


Aged parent said...


You can send it to

Many thanks.

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