Sunday, September 20, 2015

Maybe it is time for Philomena

As the dreaded days of a Roman October are now fast approaching we may need now to shift our focus toward one who is the help of the hopeless.

False optimism is no longer workable; a glib re-stating of the truth that "the gates of Hell will not prevail" is no reason to be complacent.  We, and by that I mean the entire world, is in imminent danger.  Denying this or merely being hopeful are not sensible options at this time.  Again, we are in imminent danger. I've just seen a list of the dregs of the Church who have been personally selected by our odd Pope to attend his Synod next month. Even though I expected this, it still leaves me speechless.

Aside from the pleas, rosaries and novenas many have addressed to Heaven, which we must never give up on, there is not much now that we layfolk can do.  Yes, we will continue to write, to pray, to awaken our fellow Catholics who have been slumbering.  Other than that, I don't know. The Homosexualists are in the driver's seat. The fix seems to be well and truly in.  Please God I am wrong.

A bleak October in Rome is in the offing. When we see a Church that has seemingly lost its reason for being, indeed lost its mind, perhaps it is time to turn to Philomena.

St Philomena, our help in every necessity.

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Anonymous said...

There is need for more than Philomena.
It's time for St Michael the Archangel.

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