Saturday, September 12, 2015

Francis, denying Christ is not a very good idea

This is not good.

If this news report is accurate, the Holy Father has done something unforgivable.

He hides the Cross of Christ from this Jewish politician.  He bows before that politician, but with the arrogance typical of the leaders of Israel, she refuses to bow back.  Apologists have been quick to point out that this "was all arranged beforehand", though I fail to see how that mitigates against the disastrously shocking papal action.

The other question is equally important to ask: is Jewish effrontery towards Catholicism so strong that no one will rebuke them for it?  Not even Muslims require the Pope to cover the cross when they come to Rome.  It is all well and good to speak about Christ when giving homilies, talks, speeches, etc.  But it is especially important not to deny the cross when in the presence of unbelievers.  Seeing that cross may be the beginning of a process of conversion.  All the talk surrounding this centers upon the need for "diplomacy".

Diplomacy is one thing.  Failing to defend the Cross is another.


Anonymous said...

I think that the comments following the article are very revealing of what we face, and what our Holy Father encourages.

Anonymous said...

I am no fan of Pope Francis but to be fair, every woman who has ever worn a long, heavy necklace usually grabs it when bending forward. He is still an imbecile for bowing to ANYBODY but think about it...if he wanted to hide it he would not have worn it.

He has earned every suspicion but based on just one photo I do not see him doing anything wrong other than acting the fool.

Aged parent said...


I'm not so sure it is as simple as that. What I was trying to point out was that the Pope, out of "respect" for his visitor, decided to keep hidden the whole reason for his being. And this is not the first time he has done this. A year or so ago he was sitting around with a group of rabbis and other prominent Jews and made sure his cross was tucked away where they wouldn't have to see it. Since they were all seated around a table there was no bowing issue involved.

The other thing to remember is the arrogance of the young lady who was visiting him. Was she trying to show the Pope who was superior, by not condescending to bow to him? I believe the answer to that is, yes.

True, he could have just not worn it in this case but therein lies the contradictory nature of the man: on the one hand, he does seem to think of himself as a true son of the Church; but on the other hand he seems to be a carrier of the disease of indifferentism, which is why he speaks in such glowing terms of non-Catholics.

If you can figure out this man you will be way ahead of the rest of us.

Thanks again for your comment.

Anonymous said...

What's so unusual ? Francis is bowing to his masters.

Anonymous said...

While I do not like this at all, there are two things to consider:

Many prelates carry their crucifixes in their cummerbunds. Google an image of Leo XIII...

And second, who really is being the more mature person here? The stiff-necked Jewess? Or the Pope? Lots could be argued on that point, and I have not decided myself, but...

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