Monday, July 28, 2014


Another brilliant insight by de Mattei, well worth your time:

From the piece:

"We are in a situation where the Church does not define nor anathematize , but leaves freedom of discussion open. In bookshops, in seminaries, in Catholic universities, the theses of the ultra-progressive writers are all the rage. They deny the actual existence of the concept of “orthodoxy” as we see in the latest number from the magazine Concilium".

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Anonymous said...

An interesting article, but the author by suggesting both John XXIII AND Paul VI were basically 'conservatives' is stretching credibility too far. Surely the intent and result of the council was to upset the apple cart.
The Catholic Church since the 1960's has dumped sound dogma and happily taken on board all the baggage of cultural Marxism. Is it any wonder the church is in freefall without an parachute.

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