Friday, July 18, 2014


The killing of innocent Christians, and innocent Muslims, continues.  Some in the world cheer, most remain silent.  We have provided a few links.

You be the judge.

Will the Holy Father say something, other than the usual platitudes about "calling for peace"?

Something tells us no, he won't.  Please God that we are wrong.

The Catholic Zionists, and there are, alas, many of them running blogs on the internet, will be among the enablers of this current horror, their minds formed by propaganda and an apparent inability to think through this story.  We pity them, and we hope that their eyes will one day be opened.

Since we can do nothing, especially we Americans whose tax dollars are mostly paying for this murder rampage, we turn to Our Lady, Help of Christians.  Please join us in asking Her to stop the Israeli slaughter of the innocents, a special brand of collective punishment that was used once before in history by their co-religionist, Herod the Great.


Anonymous said...

It is not my intention to be offensive....but the question must be asked, for how long has the Papacy as an institution, not counting individual popes, been a tool of Zionism? I suspect for a VERY long time.
The Catholic church has by its willing embrace of the evils of Zionism, cultural Marxism, and globalism become a puppet of those forces and when it has served their interests it will be discarded like an old pair of socks.
I don't feel sorry for the Vatican apparatchiks, it's the individual Catholics, particularly those in the Mid-East who have been betrayed deserve our sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Killing is a sin doesn't matter who is killed Palestinian or a Jew. You can not keep sides in this conflict. Many politician says that this is set-up by by Hamas due to their "lord" Iran, which negotiate now it's atomic bomb ideas with the West. This is not coincidence. Would you rather see the nuke falling on Jerusalem?

Monica said...

It is always sorrowful when innocents die, but to say that killing is "always" a sin is incorrect and not Catholic. Our Lord Himself advocated putting a millstone around a person's neck and flinging them into the sea rather than they continue to do evil.

War is always ugly and nobody wants to see innocents from either side die. However...this entire business of unjust killing is due to Zionist Jews whose tentacles reach the entire globe. The Moneychangers are still here and committing offenses against God because they perpetrate every filth and evil on this earth, not just the loosing of satanic muslems. So don't fall into the Protestant bleeding heart Jew worship. It isn't Catholic.


aly said...

Today at EWTN I watched this special Syria's Christian Exodus. It will be aired again in the coming week, I think. I recommend this. It includes voices of the Church from Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Jerusalem. The wars driving both Christians and others from their native homes. How it was and how it now is. It is very worthwhile and gives a few moments of truth and love illuminated amid this EWTN Catholic Sea of Zionism. Please see it if you can.

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