Thursday, January 17, 2013


Once again the consequences of a Church left ungoverned can be found in the kind of chaos we see here:

The French Bishops, close on the heels of a spectacular show of courage on the part of close on one million Frenchmen who marched in Paris to oppose sodomarriage, have declared that some kind of civil union between two sexual deviants would be acceptable to them.  May I speak bluntly?  Every single French Bishop who put his name to that statement should be removed from office by the Pope.  Sacked,  Fired.  Cashiered.  Done.  Will it happen?  Never.  The reason: a terrified Vatican that refuses to discipline its wayward sons.  Like a doting parent who refuses to restrain little Billy from going about the house breaking windows the Vatican refuses to deal with the treason in its midst.  And just as little Billy, left unrestrained, will grow up to be a destructive and potentially criminal adult, the Bishops who say and do outrageous things with no fear that the Pope will ever intervene will continue on saying and doing outrageous things which will lead to confusion and the destruction of immortal souls.

The French Bishops state that a properly "united" homosexual couple can live chastely.  Your Lordships: try placing a glutton in a room full of the choicest steaks, desserts and snacks and see what happens, or place a drunkard in charge of the liquor cabinet.  Your Lordships, have you simply lost your minds or are you deliberately favoring the mortal sin of sodomy?  Which is it?  All Catholics, not just Frenchmen, are entitled to a response from you.  And the same request can be made to the Holy Father: Your Holiness, we are entitled to an explanation.  We Catholics who struggle to keep body and soul together would wish to know how it is possible that the Bishops of France can endorse these horrors and go unpunished.

Have we completely swallowed the Calvinist notion that no matter what we do in life we will be "saved", that God will somehow take care of everyone no matter what and see that they enjoy a blessed eternity?  If the Roman Catholic Church is beginning to endorse Calvinism then that might explain why they aren't terribly concerned about what these mitred idiots are doing to the souls of those in their care.  If we are all automatically saved then why bother with all this fussing about Bishops endorsing the civil unions of those who commit buggery.

If the Church has not accepted Protestantism then it has to make a choice.  It is either fish or cut bait.  The time for patience is rapidly ending; the time for allowing the Roman wheels to grind slowly is nearing its end.  Unless some swift and decisive action is taken, and taken very soon, then it can credibly be said that the Church is reaching the end of its tether.  I feel horribly sorry for the Holy Father.  He lacks the courage necessary for the job at hand (he has apparently admitted that "my authority ends at that door").  He is a carrier of the very disease he often condemns in his statements, refusing to come to the obvious conclusion that the wrong-headed ideas he espoused as a young man would one day lead to the sorry state we are in.  Like the designer of the Edsel or the Yugo he refuses to see that he has made a mistake in his philosophy.  He even celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Church's own Edsel, the Second Vatican Council.  For every good man he raises to the Episcopacy he raises two more villains to high office.  He needs constant, unceasing, daily prayer.

But now what about the French Bishops who are actually as we write endorsing a kind of legally recognized "union" between two homosexually disturbed people?  That they made this unbelievable statement right on the heels of the march in Paris cannot be considered anything but a slap in the face to those who marched against queer marriage.  The late, great Hamish Fraser once told me that France has produced not only the greatest Catholics but the worst Catholics, those Catholics who would save the Church and those who would destroy it.  It is evident to me which category the French Bishops fall under.  Their pretty words, their soothing pseudo-Catholic responses will mean nothing to those who know a betrayal when they see one.  And smell one.

To you, French Bishops, I leave you with this thought: woe to those who scandalize the little ones.  I've paraphrased that from Jesus Christ.  Perhaps you've never heard of him. 


Anonymous said...

an aged parent to Aged Parent, I don't have anything significant to say right now. I feel so sad. I feel I am losing heart.This is so disappointing;a betrayal all around. And yes the biggest betrayal and disappointment is Rome.

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

As a good friend continually reminds me about the current crop of traitors in the Church, from the McBriens to the Wuerls, "they ain't permanent." How true. One day they will all be dead. And then the Church will flower again.

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