Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Photo by Mr Aaron Teasdale
 "When it was midnight, I walked out, and strolled in the woods....I was suddenly roused from a delicious reverie, by observing a dark object moving slowly and cautiously among the trees.  At first, I fancied it was a bear, but a nearer inspection discovered an Indian on all fours.  For a moment I felt unwilling to throw myself in his way, lest he should be meditating some sinister design against me; however, on his waving his hand, and putting his finger on his lips, I approached him, and notwithstanding his injunction to silence, inquired what he did there.  'Me watch to see the deer kneel,' replied he; 'This is Christmas night, and all the deer fall upon their knees to the Great Spirit, and look up.'  The solemnity of the scene, and the grandeur of the idea, alike contributed to fill me with awe."

                                                   JOHN HOWISON, Sketches of Upper Canada (1821)

[From "The Christmas Book", an anthology by D.B. Wyndham-Lewis]


Aaron Teasdale said...


You're using my photo on your blog. You can see my copyright symbol on the lower left corner. Technically that's stealing.

Normally when you want to use someone else's photograph, you ask them. Then you also give them photo credit and link back to their original site.

That's the proper way to do things — the honest, respectful way.

Aged parent said...

Dear Aaron:

Many thanks for your note and please accept my apologies for this. As a photographer myself I know what you mean. Please let me know if you wish me to remove the photo and, of course, I will do so promptly.

I have modified the article with proper credit, but, again, if you wish the photo's removal please let me know.

Aaron Teasdale said...

It's okay. Tricky being a photographer in the age of the Internet, so I just try to educate bloggers as best I can. I'm just glad you understand the issue.

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