Saturday, December 15, 2012


This writer is not the first to point out that this latest murder spree in Connecticut may have a preternatural explanation.  There will be blaming and fostering new conspiracy theories to be sure but we cannot discount the agency of an Angelic Intelligence being behind these horrors.

We Catholics can do no more at the moment than pray for the souls of these little ones, and for their parents.  Let me amend that: we can do other things, like putting such episodes into their proper context, as these brief lines are attempting to do.  The world in general - and by "the world" is meant the voices we continually hear from - has completely cut itself off from decency.  Completely.  Of course we are not speaking of the good, average souls who live and work and pray and are rarely if ever heard from.  We are speaking of the usual voices of media and government, those two peas in a single pod who work in unison almost constantly.  Thus we have the usual banalities coming from the talking heads or outrageous hypocrisies like the words of the Chief Assassin in Washington telling us that "they had their whole lives ahead of them".  How profound.  And how funny, coming from a man who not only is the most bloodthirsty abortionist in the world as well as the cold-blooded killer of innocent human beings in the Middle East, many of them women and children - children whose whole lives were ahead of them as well.  When the visage of that foul criminal shows up on intenet or TV I can only look away in disgust.  His cruel indifference to the sufferings of the innocent make him the worst swine in the pigpen.

What happened in Connecticut was a satanic incident, quite obviously so when one considers its proximity to this holy time of year.  It is the delight of the Evil One to shove evil in our faces during Easter and Christmas.  Never forget that this demon is an Angel, and was gifted by his Creator with all the intelligence of an Angel.  We ignore that at our own peril.

Others will write more eloquently on this sad topic, therefore I will quietly post these thoughts and then try to do what can be done with these limited resources.

May these little ones enjoy the Beatific Vision, and may they pray for their parents and for the utter and total defeat of the evil forces that have engulfed our sad world.


Anonymous said...

This terrible sin and crime was most certainly orchestrated by the Devil because it could not have been better scripted to benefit the agenda of the bloodthirsty bastard that enjoys his second occupation of our White House.

Aged parent said...

I couldn't agree more, anon.

Anonymous said...

dear aged-parent, ditto.

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