Thursday, October 18, 2012


One wonders just how much longer the world is going to sit by and tolerate the slow martyrdom of Arabs - Arab Christians, as well as Arab non-Christians - in the Holy Land.  Every single day some outrage or another is perpetrated against these people (dutifully covered up the Unfree Press), and no one seems to trouble themselves overly much.  True, one must go to alternative sources to discover the truth but that is not any great effort if one is serious about knowing the facts.

For those who can stand the stench of this story, it is here:

Fully supported by the US "neocons" of both political parties, the occupiers of Palestine continue to treat their non-Chosen subjects like dogs.  But this writer is fully convinced that God is watching these sufferings, just as He watches various religious leaders fall over themselves as they attempt to outdo each other in dialoguing with the persecutors of these innocents.  Those religious leaders who bow before wailing walls and visit synagogues and allow themselves to be insulted by their inferiors are also being watched by "large and awful faces from beyond", as Belloc famously said.  But God, as always, will have the last laugh.

It does offer some comfort that some of the persecutors slowly begin to change their minds and begin to see the reality of the evil of their actions. We at The Eye Witness recommend the video below.  It is long, over an hour, but it is well worth viewing.  You might send it to some "Christian Zionists" you know, both of the Catholic and the Protestant persuasion.

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