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                                                       The ruins of Walsingham Abbey

The Vatican's friendship with the European Union is a one-way street, unsurprising when one considers the intense anti-Catholicism of that most masonic European super government.  Rome treats this entity with respect, with exuberance and not a little obsequiosness.  And the EU treats Rome with contempt.  When you dance with the devil you had better be prepared for the stiletto which will soon glide noiselessly into your back.

The knifing has now begun in earnest: 

Under pressure from the EU, the Vatican will now, after twenty centuries, be forced to pay a property tax.  On top of the financial ruin caused by Rome's seeming tolerance of homosexual predators in its clergy comes this next blow.  It is a blow that will cripple the Church.  It could pauperize the Church.  How many churches and monasteries will now be sold off to pay for this?  This is a well-orchestrated assault (instigated by the money-lenders and financial oligarchs who perch atop the ramparts of global governments) because it comes right on top of the increasingly vicious anti-Catholic moves being made by the American government in such areas as its infamous Obamacare.

Rome could have prevented this; it could have put away its Gaudiam et Spes and its Nostra Aetetes and  its "openings to the world", still being celebrated by the clueless and the geriatric, and instead started to once again don the cope of prudence.  Looking across the wasteland that was once a thriving Church those who celebrate the fifty year anniversary of what Scottish commentator Gerald Warner has perfectly called the Second Vatican Catastrophe might as well be looking at the landscape post-Mount St Helens.  Craters and ash.  Where the Church was historically wary of "global" initiatives, which it correctly saw as The Enemy in its midst, now it welcomes them with open arms, paying homage to entities like the United Nations and now the European Union.  Where the possibility of a Christ-less world government filled the ancient Church with horror now it treats the looming reality as the last hope of mankind.  It has even at times used its language.  In certain of its diplomatic endeavors todays Vatican has even adopted the "CE" and "BCE" jargon intended to erase "AD" and "BC" in calendar dating, another slap in the face of the Divine Founder of the Church.  Not all Vatican officials use these insulting designations to be sure, but a great many do.  This writer has personally seen documents from the Vatican addressing women with the meaningless appellation "Ms", instead of the appropriate and respectful "Miss" or "Mrs."  The idiotic "Ms" was devised by the cackling harridans and trulls of the Women's Movement in the 1970s, and some in the Vatican dignify such absurdies with their usage of it.  Not even a simple respect for the English language can be found among some prelates any longer.

Of such seemingly minor things can emerge major trouble.  Thus, the new tax applied to Vatican property.  And just as surely as Mary's little lamb followed Mary, look for municipalities in the United States to start doing the same.  Blasted and beaten to the ground by the modernism which is at present ruling the Roman roost, which has brought shame and ruin to the Church, the Holy See will now have to face this new assault.  An assault that could have been avoided.  With its opening of the windows Rome signalled a truce with the world.  How can we now be shocked when that truce is broken by those gnats and blood-sucking mosquitoes who flew into those windows once they were opened?

An enemy has done this, we read in the Gospels.  That enemy has been safely ensconced in the highest circles of the Church since at least the mid-1800s.  Was it not, after all, Saint Pius X (under the prodding of the saintly Cardinal Merry del Val) who ordered the Oath Against Modernism one hundred years ago?  He saw how long and how deep the problem was and reacted by issuing the famous oath, now a dead letter since the pontificate of Paul VI.  This latest crisis did not have its origins in Vatican 2.  The Second Vatican Catastrophe was merely the pus that began to flow out of a sore that had been festering for decades.  We forget, too, that many of the urgent reforms initiated by St Pius X were undone by each of his successors, to a greater or lesser extent, until we have reached the point today in which there can actually be a pro-homosexual "Mass" said in numerous churches left unhindered by such prelates as Nichols and Dolan.  We have reached the point where a viper in sheep's clothing - Cardinal Wuerl - can discpline and humiliate a loyal priest for doing the job he was ordained to do.

The pleadings of the faithful before and after Vatican 2 were ignored by the Vatican.  The evils were left virtually untouched, and the dark flowering occurred.  And now we see the results.

Shall we lose hope?  Of course, no.  It has almost become a cliche to say that :the Gates of Hell will never prevail against the Church".  Cliche or not it happens to be perfectly true.

Or as one worldly-wise commentator said when glancing over the mediocrities in high places in God's Church, "They ain't permanent."

                                                     The pilgrimage to Walsingham Abbey

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