Friday, August 3, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today all poofdom is going to descend on the Chick-fil-A restaurants, wherever enough homosexually-disturbed people can be rounded up, and are going to stage a "protest", of which kind we can well imagine.

All right, real men( and ladies): gather your eggs, rotten or not, and prepare to meet these protestors in a very effective way.

I assure works.


Joe Potillor said...

It'd probably make more sense for these people with Same Sex Disorder to go support a business that supports their mission to get so called married, but of course that would make sense, and to liberals, logic and coherence are 2 things that do not exist :D

It ain't "gay". said...

Almost all of these people have no disorder. What they have a lust for sexual perversion and nothing less or more. An honest SSD victim would have to ask themselves..."What makes me think that I do not have to follow the same Law that people without my disorder have to follow?" That sex outside of marriage. Since they cannot Lawfully marry (not to another of the same sex, nor even of the opposite sex if they are aware of their impediment since marriage is first and foremost for procreation) they are expected to live a life of chastity as a single person out in the world and offer it up for the good of souls including their own. But they prefer to hate. They hate God. They hate people who love and obey God. They inevitably hate end up hating themselves.

So, being either non-Catholic, Pagan Atheist or other religion of the devil, they think marriage is being given "permission" by some secular person with a framed certificate on their office wall. Those who claim Christ, yet do not know Him, follow Him and therefore do not love Him, happily abuse the Sacrament of Matrimony for the sake of their newest errors against God.

Now the rest of them...the vast majority of them are not SSD victims. They are just of the devil. Anyone who had a chance to see Anthony Gonzalez' brave video documentation of what these demon-possessed humans do in broad daylight on a public street during the Folsom Street Fair will not forget the scenes.

Their misguided sympathizers have obviously not looked at who and what they attempt to defend. They think they are defending harmless misfits who by the way God made them have a forbidden "love" for another of their own sex. Nothing is further from the truth.

They prey upon men who are not as manly as they know they should be and they try to convince them that they are are "gay". Of course, after they have been dirtied by queer sex they know that was a lie but are then told that they are "now gay" and can't "go back".

The Lesbians are almost always just plain fat, homely women who hate men because they can't attract any. They figure it is better to have a date with a Lesbian than sit home alone in their natural state. They can't look like the women Hollywood and television say they should resemble so they hide themselves in men's clothing least they fit. They are too lazy to look and act like a woman. And that is a fact. I have met way too many of them. Most needed just a little encouragement but thanks to Hollywood and television again...even the fattest, most unintelligent of men still think they deserve a model on their arm. Oy vey!

The women who allow themselves to be sexually exploited by making porn films may not be always be ugly but they sure as heck ain't queer either. Just perverse. They do it for the shock, the thrill, and the money. Again...not a natural state.

The moral of this story is...DON'T BE QUEER.

Brass said...

Are you really advocating violence as a means of conveying truth or changing minds?

Aged parent said...


Would that the aggressive homosexuals felt the same way.

schmenz said...


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