Friday, August 17, 2012


The White House has weighed in on the story of the Russian government's quite laudatory jailing of a group of air-headed female blasphemers, condemning Russia for taking the actions they did.  O frabjous day!

Although our politicians in Washington are world renowned for their stupidity and amorality this action by the Blowhard-in-Chief is not stupid, from the point of view of an anti-Christian stooge of the reigning Oligarchy.  These hapless women in Russia - now joined by another hapless woman in Kiev who has just taken a chainshaw to a wooden crucifix and cut it down - are supposedly protesting the policies of Vladimir Putin, policies, by the way, that are far more benign than US policy at home and abroad. has been all over the story for weeks now and has provided generally good coverage of this escapade.

I won't go into the details of this protest because they are unworthy of comment.  They do, however, illustrate the degeneracy of our present times, a degeneracy foretold a long time ago by writers from Dostoevsky to Belloc.  I will not repeat that blood-curdling quotation from Belloc which covers this situation to perfection - especially considering the cheers these women are getting from around the globe - but it should never be far from anyone's mind.  Indeed do we "tolerate the Barbarians."

Now our president has weighed in, once again showing his utter and complete hatred for "that Syrian peasant" who arrived on the scene 2,000 years ago and who, as we all know, is the Son of God.  Mr Obama and his lick-spittle supporters cheer while Churches and crucifixes are desecrated, and condemn the Russian government for doing the right thing.

But fear not, Catholics:  the deadly serious Obama will face his adversary at the upcoming Al Smith Dinner, whose host is seen here in his famous attitude of grim determination:


Aged parent said...

r good friends at The Eponymous Flower have also covered this story:

Anonymous said...

Appalling. So much for the dignity of his office.

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