Thursday, April 19, 2012


Bishop Daniel Jenky has just released a rather magnificent broadside against the Monstrous Regiment in Washington, comparing their actions with the tyrants of old, from Otto von Bismarck to Clemenceau, from the National Socialists in Germany to the Soviets in Russia. His words were carefully chosen, pointed and courageous.

As if on cue, the impudent blowhards at the Anti-Defamation League have piped up, claiming that only the sufferings of their Jewish brethren have any significance and that the sufferings of Catholics don't really amount to much.

I have only these words for Bishop Jenky: Your Excellency, do not apologize, do not back down, do not imitate our Holy Father and some Bishops and Cardinals who back-peddle faster than the speed of light every time the ADL gets upset. When your fellow-Bishops take you aside and counsel you to apologize, ignore them. When the newspapers and the TV barons crucify you, ignore them. When the lynch-mobs of the ADL and their stupid supporters come after you, ignore them. Stand firm and proclaim the truth.

You will be hated as Christ was (and is) hated. The same successors to the Apostles who abandoned Christ on Good Friday will abandon you; the same successors to the Jews who put Our Lord to death will wish to do the same to you, to revile you and spit upon you. But don't back down, Your Excellency.

Be glad that you are making the same enemies as the Son of God. And may the Son of God bless you and give you strength.

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Anonymous said...

As Churchill said to a man complaining that he had enemies....

"You have enemies?? GOOD! That means you have stood for something."

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