Friday, April 13, 2012


We are wondering what to make of some of our illustrious Cardinals in the Church. We have just been treated to the spectacle of Cardinal Wuerl's shenanigans in Washington, D.C. - which, as of this writing, have still not apparently been addressed by his superiors in Rome - and now we have another spectacle before us, one given to us by that ubiquitous episcopal oddity, Schonborn of Austria. This news item tells the story:

These men are behaving rather strangely, to say the least.

From the actions of these prelates one might come to the conclusion that the only class of people who enjoy the protection of the Church are those living in open, proud sodomy. In the old days in government or business or highly sensitive endeavors it would naturally be assumed that homosexuals were protected by the "higher ups" because the higher ups themselves were homosexuals. Today, at least in the Church, it is a little harder to tell. Certainly abject cowardice, cravenness and malice could explain the actions of a man like Wuerl. And Schonborn, given his history, could simply be a raving mad man. His trademark incoherence would all by itself be enough to raise such suspicions. But we cannot rule out that they, too, may be compromised and are facing a form of blackmail if they should come down too hard on the poofs.

The bigger question is the apparent silence of the Pope. We have just come from a tragic papacy that refused to govern and that looked the other way while these homosexual scandals were metastasizing by the week. Now we seem to have a new Pope who is following in the footsteps of his troubled predecessor. If the Holy Father cannot even bring himself to discipline his Cardinals who are protecting homosexuals, or allowing homosexuals to have their own little "Masses" (like Dolan in New York and Nichols in London are so allowing), then what can we realistically expect from this man? While not minimizing the good he has done and is doing we cannot overlook the bad. It is well known that Benedict is terrified by the media. Is he so terrified that he will allow such horrifying scandals as those committed by the Wuerls and the Schonborns to go on and on, driving good people out of the Church?

What, exactly, will it take before he acts?


Sad and Tired said...

What will it take before he acts? I don't think he will act at all. Remember his first words after being elected pope? "Pray for me that I do not flee from fear of the wolves." I don't know about anybody else, but I got no comfort from those cowardly words.

I want my pope manly and fiercely Catholic. I want him to take no prisoners when it comes to the souls of the Flock left in his charge. I want him to do for Christ's sheep and lambs that he guards, AT LEAST what a sheepherder does to protect his four-legged flock. They fight off real wolves and with just a wooden stick and they are not afraid. There hasn't been a pope since Pius XII that has even fed us, let alone protected us from wolves. One opened the gate so the wolves could enter, another ushered them all in and threw them a party. And this one, who was a wolf herder himself seems to forget just who belongs in this Sheepfold ... wolves from the Synagogue of Satan... or Christ's scared, hungry sheep.

But still...we pray for our pope, for his own soul, The Church and that he will consecrate Russia finally and no longer offend Heaven. Anyone can have a conversion and our current pope, having come from a devoutly Catholic family yet having succumbed early on to Modernism seems to have been POSSIBLY experiencing conversion for quite sometime. If he doesn't...let it not be because he wasn't prayed for, eh?

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Sad and Tired. If my poor writing here on this blog can inspire such an eloquent, beautifully-stated response as yours, I will feel as though I have accomplished something in ths old world.

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