Saturday, March 3, 2012


His Excellency Carlo Maria Vigano
3339 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20008

Your Excellency:

Your Excellency is undoubtedly aware of a recent unbelievably scandalous situation that has surfaced in the past several days in the Diocese of His Eminence Cardinal Wuerl. I am referring, of course, to the denying of Holy Communion to a woman living proudly in a state of mortal sin by a priest during the funeral mass of this person’s mother. Incredibly, the Diocese has apologized to the mortal sinner, a woman engaged in the unnatural vice of lesbianism.

Your Excellency, enough is enough.

We suffering Catholics, hanging on to the Faith by a thread, are sick and tired of our Bishops knifing us in the back whenever they are confronted by a hostile media or the homosexual mafia. We are sick and tired of their cowardice, their weakness, their refusal to speak the truth boldly. Things have come to such a sorry pass in America, things have sunk so low that we are now confronted by the spectacle of a Bishop apologizing to a practicing homosexual, and what’s worse, reprimanding a dutiful priest for doing his job. This, Your Excellency, is the legacy of Americanism, condemned by Pope Leo XIII in Testem Benevolentiae. But now the time has come to end this attitude.

As more facts about this case surface it is now clear that this wretched woman paraded her perversion to the priest prior to the Mass, whereupon he politely informed her privately to refrain from approaching the Sacrament. When she did anyway, he did what a priest should do. And for that he is humiliated by his own Chancery. The Chancery has just handed the Church’s enemies another club with which to beat us.

Our Bishops are now rightly concerned with the evils coming from Washington (at long last) but if they are going to be obsequious to homosexuals of all people then their chances of turning public opinion around in their favor will be nil. If these Bishops continue (like His Eminence Cardinal Dolan, sadly) to tolerate homosexuals by not shutting down these atrocious “gay masses” in their respective dioceses they will not have a leg to stand on when militant, arrogant homosexuals start getting really aggressive.

Your Excellency, this must stop now. I am asking you to instruct His Eminence the Cardinal and the Bishop who wrote the letter of apology to this lesbian harridan to publicly and unequivocally re-state the Catholic position on the heinousness of the mortal sin that homosexuality is. We want no more weasel words like “sexual orientation” used to cloud the issue; we want clear, undiluted teaching.

I further put this next point as a demand, that Your Excellency demand that the Chancery apologize to the priest in question, and to protect him from the viciousness of these drooling homosexual jackals who are calling for his head.

Enough is enough, Your Excellency. The Church’s policy, dating back to at least Pius XII, of taking the kindly, “pastoral” approach has not worked. It is a failed policy. This policy of being “nice”, of not confronting our non-Catholic friends with the truths of the Faith, of gentle persuasion, indeed of Americanism, has been an unqualified disaster. This policy has produced two generations of Mass-going Protestants. It has paved the way for easy divorce, contraception, abortion and now acceptance of homosexuality. It is long past time that Rome abandons this policy and begins to govern with a gentle but firm hand. And here now is a case presented to the Church to institute this better kind of policy.

The world is watching to see what the Church will do now, Your Excellency. Let the world see justice, strength, courage and holiness – not vacillating and weakness. I urge Your Excellency not to let this matter grind through the usual slow Roman channels. Swift action is now required. Souls are at stake. How are souls at stake? Your Excellency knows well that the Chancery’s apology to an avowed lesbian will harden her in her disordered lifestyle and should she die in such a tragic state, she will suffer the torments of Hell.

I urge Your Excellency to deal with this matter without further delay.

With every good wish,



Louis E. said...

I'm not even a Christian,and I side strongly with Father Guarnizo's sincerity over the lesbian's demand that her contempt for Catholic teachings be rewarded with treatment as a Catholic in good standing.The Archbishop should be ashamed of himself.(And yet the Pope named him relator-general of the World Synod of Bishops!)

Aged parent said...

Thank you for the comment.

One really doesn't know anymore what to make of these appointments of mediocrities by the Pope. If this apology to a sexual miscreant is allowed to stand it will only embolden the Church's enemies even more, and will utterly destroy any credibility Rome has left.

Tancred said...

Wasn't Cadinal Wuerl a protege of Cardinal Cushing?

Aged parent said...

Wuerl was secretary to Cardinal Wright which for all practical purposes means he was a protege of Cushing's, since Cushing and Wright were the shady tag-team that ruled Boston for years. What those two allowed to go in Boston, doctrinally speaking,was a tragedy.

Wuerl was also sent to supposedly clean up the mess left by Hunthausen in Seattle but did little to nothing to stop the homosexual juggernaut there. In fact, he made it worse.

His career has not been a shining one for the Church.

Excommunicate them all. said...

Here. Here. A most well written letter and quite deserved. I would not hold my breath, however. The success of such a letter presupposes that one is speaking to authentically Catholic churchmen. I must say, I am highly disappointed that I am not witnessing outrage by the less Protemasonatholic bishops. One would think that amongst 200 bishops that at least a few would publicly challenge such a public outrage by their confrere.

Janet Baker said...

May I say, with sadness, that the source of the equivocal posturing by the diocese is the official teaching of the Church regarding the pastoral care of homosexuals. It is still in force in the Vatican, and is on line for all to read (and be affected by). Furthermore, two of the three documents were written by our current Holy Father, as Cardinal Ratzinger, who is thus himself the originator of the confusion, and unlikely to step in to clear it up. Wuerl was a compromised leader in Pittsburgh and the worst choice possible, from a reformer's point of view, for the position in Washington. His election there was the signal of this apology, and signals more to come, not reform. And it is part and parcel of the ruinous doublespeak of all of Vatican II, its letter and spirit both. I have links to those documents and commentary on their political content--which calls for full 'civil rights' to homosexuals acting out as homosexuals, not part of the Don't Ask Don't Tell detente we had reached over the centuries--in a post on my little blog, 'Holy Smoking Gun.' I think I will be signing in with my blogspot, or you can just google the title, if you are interested in more information on the content of the documents. Thank you for this post, and for the letter. But it won't make any difference as long as there is intransigence regarding the whole doctrinal content of Vatican II, because this apology is only the manifestation of the foundational errors in that disaster known as the Council.

Aged parent said...
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Aged parent said...

Dear "Excommunicate" and "Jan":

Thank you both for the comments. You are both quite right, of course, and if there was any doubt of that we have the news today that this good priest who refused Communion to this creature has had his faculties removed.

I had already, in addition to the Open Letter, sent a private letter to the Nuncio. Tomorrow I will send another DEMANDING that this new outrage be reversed immediately. Whether or not my letter(s) go into the wastebasket or down the memory hole is not my affair. It will be the Nuncio's affair, and it is he, along with the creeps in the Washington diocese, who will have to take responsibility for their actions or inactions.

Janet Baker said...

Do you want me to go picket with you? I will fly there and do so. Say the word.

Anonymous said...

This faithful priest should seek to join the SSPX. Time to leave the side of those who hold the flagellum and go stand next to the Virgin and the beloved disciple.

Aged parent said...

Beautifully put, anonymous.

Aged parent said...


I'd love to march on the Cardinal's residence...with flaming torches.

Seriously, though we must all make our opinions known to this seriously troubled man. After hearing about the priest's "suspension" today, I wrote directly to the Vatican. Will anyone actually read it, or act one it? Who knows.

Keep the heat on. We simply cannot let this story fade away and disappear into the memory hole.

CeT said...

How about:

A public petition

A press announcement (free. Often picked up by larger news sources)

Submit your open letter to various outlets such as

Submit to outlets with large email membership/followers such as Matt Abbott, Angelqueen, LifeNews
Contact LifeSiteNews, St. Joseph's Foundation, EWTN, Grassfire, etc...ANYbody who is not in the enemy camp and willing to start/jump on board a massive protest of justified outrage

Use Facebook, Twitter, etc to expose the scandal and gain support.

Anybody know how to make a Youtube video?

Contact GloriaTV and ask for their assistance.

Contact some of the better bishops and demand they do something. Bishops like Chaput, Bruskewicz, etc.

Contact Cardinal Burke. He is not impossible to reach. If you can't do it yourself, enlist the aid of someone who can. Get this in front of the eyes of the Pope. Not that I expect him to immediately correct the injustice but at least we will know we have tried.

Launch an immediate and highly public Rosary campaign for persecuted priests. List them by name and state the details of their persecution and do not leave out the names of the offending prelates.

How about a ribbon campaign? Especially one that allows the Faithful to personally condemn the counterfeit, conciliar church.

Every single Catholic who attends a Novus Ordo gives scandal and aids and abets the Enemy. Snap those wallets SHUT. Starve the monkeys.

Myself, I'd go for a ribbon campaign and use all the other suggestions to get the word out.

Aged parent said...


Being Facebook illiterate, I will ask some of my children to act on that one. As far as the rest of your suggestions go, they are all do-able. I will pass on the Open Letter to some of the Outlets you mention, and will contact Burke, et al.

I called the Washington Archdiocese today and was given the expected runaround but did leave my name and number and rather strongly requested that someone get back to me on this. I have also addressed this morning a letter to Bishop Knesthout, the golem who carried out Wuerl's vindictive little charade. Here is that email:

Your Excellency:

I would be very grateful if Your Excellency would provide me with some information. A huge scandal is brewing in the Washington Archdiocese and I would like your take on the situation.

Catholics are beginning to ask why a priest from your diocese is being either suspended - or having his faculties removed, or both, for refusing Holy Communion to an outspoken lesbian, and a fallen-away Catholic to boot. Additionally, Catholics are wondering why your Chancery feels compelled to issue an apology to a woman living in a state of unnatural vice, and in publicly humiliating the priest in question, over the situation. I would also ask why Your Excellency would send a letter to all priests in the Washington diocese telling them of the disciplinary actions you have taken, which letter has the effect of bullying the other priests to acquiesce to any demands made on them by sodomites, and which has the further effect of making them know that they, too, will be "disciplined" if they withhold the Sacrament from unrepentant sinners. As the actions so listed are a public and notorious scandal, and are giving the world the impression that the Catholic Church is terrified by the homosexual juggernaut coming from media and government, Catholics would like to know, simply, what is going on.

Another point is worth mentioning: the accusations made about the priest in Your Excellency's letter to the diocesan priesthood. I'm afraid these accusations are as unconvincing as they are reminiscent of the old device used by the Soviets when committing acts of injustice against the innocent, which would be to accuse the man they are persecuting of some psychological or personality disorder. Your Excellency might like to know that no one is buying that.

If Your Excellency could reply to this note with some information that answers the concerns about scandal herein listed I would be most grateful.


Thanks once again for all the excellent suggestions. I, for one, do not plan on letting this story fade away.

CeT said...

Here is an outlet that will surely help.

I am not normally the optimistic type but it seems to me that all these outrages against priests who faithfully live out their vocations, do more for true ecumenism than anything. Sort of lemonade being made out of lemons.

Also, these persecutors just helped secure a Heavenly seat for Father Guarnizo. "Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven." and "And they indeed went from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were accounted worthy to suffer reproach for the name of Jesus."

As distasteful as it is for me, I will obey Jesus and pray for these my enemies. These sorry wretches. It will make my Lenten penances all the sweeter when I offer them up for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart.

Vive le Christ Roi!

Anonymous said...

Bishop Wuerl's appointment cause for concern?
Matt C. Abbott
May 17, 2006

Capt. Morgan said...

I might also suggest passing this along to Michael Voris at Real Catholic TV. He has had his own run in with a dissenting Bishop.It is a war Folks. And we must step up.
As ArchBishop Sheen said:
"“Who is going to save our Church? Not our Bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious”

Jan said...

If someone were to have a demonstration outside the Cardinal's door, the press would come. That would be a great way to kick off a ribbon campaign. When the press asked questions, after covering the basics of the issue, the 'script' could include the call for a stronger Church in defense of virtue or something like that, and talking points about the nature of the priesthood. If you made signs ahead of time, then no matter what liberal and goofy questions they asked, the truth and the point can be made by the signs being held up in the background. I speak from experience. Also, children present are always a plus. A couple of nuns, too--short supply, there. So far you've done so well with the letter, and phone calls, but nothing beats something public. You can get press coverage easily enough with just a handful of people by calling the 'city desk' and telling them you plan to demonstrate, with the time and your point. The ribbons are a great idea. If they had something printed on them like a wallet with a lock on it, to make that excellent point as well, you'd make history.

Anonymous said...

White would be a good color for the ribbons.

Land of the Irish keeps a fat and handy file om Bp Wuerl. You need only go to Angelqueen to see. Bet he's got enough at his fingertips to compile a (pardon the pun)...damning portfolio.

Doesn't he have to go out to the parishes for Confirmations? That is where he needs to be picketed.

Can't we sue Wuerl and every other bishop who has denied us the inheritance of the Faith? Maybe someone can contact a few Catholic attorney groups to find out.

Enlisting the aid of Mike Voris is a great idea. He is probably already on it. I'm no fan of his for several reasons, but this is the sort of thing where he can be of some real use.

Jan said...

I think it would be better to picket him at a non-family-event, not at a confirmation (because we'd be seen as rude rather than right), some meeting or other. Is there anybody there who would take on such a project? It would mean contacting picketers (including kids), the press (letter and follow up phone call), making signs, and practicing the responses so that no matter what the reporter asked, the answer would tie to the sacred nature of the priesthood, our need for our priests to oppose sin, for the sake of our families whom we do not want to see suffer the effects of sin. Priests have to stand up for Christ! We want holy priests like ________. Etc. Or whatever line you think, I'm just riffing. Another possible theme: we need a stronger church, not a more polite one. Since sodomy is a sin we want our administration to call it that. Cardinal Wuerl, we demand: 1. Reinstate _____ now! 2. Send a letter to all clergy that they are to enforce Canon 415 [or whatever number it is to refuse communion to those living in open sin] 3. Enforce Summorum Pontificum and Redemptionis Sacramentum--no eucharist ministers at any mass, restore reverence at our funeral liturgies, .

I'm going crazy now. Think of the demands you could make. The little kids could carry pro-priest signs,like the young priest with his picture on it, the label: Another Christ. It could help undo the pedophilia association everyone has now.

Anonymous said...

I understand that, in the Gospel of St. Thomas, there was a reference to one of the Apostles refusing to give bread (nor fish) to a known, blatant homosexual there, unless she prevailed upon the Lord to remove the curse of her proclivity first; and she refused.
So there IS precedent in the Bible for the good priest's judgment & behavior... and we should rejoice at this! ^..^

Aged parent said...

Very interesting, Anon. Of course, Our Lord was quite explicitly clear when mentioning the problem with eating and drinking unworthily.

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