Sunday, March 18, 2012


There are not too many occasions that present themselves which make one want to vomit, but reading an article on the website of The National Catholic Register certainly had a poor effect on this writer’s stomach. It seems that His Eminence has published a book bewailing the state of the nation’s culture and the importance of Catholics taking their Faith seriously.

Obviously, the Cardinal has made a joke here. If he has, it certainly isn’t very amusing.

His Eminence, who has just caused a worldwide scandal in the Church by disciplining – publicly disciplining, so that all the world may see - Father Marcel Guarnizo for tactfully refusing Holy Communion to a woman living a life as a lesbian (and apparently, a Buddhist at that), now piously tells us how we must fight for our Faith. The timing of the release of this book, “Keep First the Kingdom” (surely one which will not find itself mentioned on too many Christmas gift wish lists), couldn’t be more perfect. It beautifully illustrates the unutterable hypocrisy of this Prince of the Church.

For those who can take it, here is the link to the article:

And this:

If His Eminence is serious about his concerns over the state of religious freedom in America then he may wish to begin his work by publicly apologizing to the priest who took his priestly vows seriously, and by publicly disciplining the apostate Catholics of his own diocese, of which there are thousands. He might also begin taking his own faith seriously, instead of striking suitably saintly poses for the camera.

Donald Wuerl, ever since his apprenticeship with Cardinal Wright, has been working very hard to become another high-ranking prelate who ends up being a disgrace to his cloth. As of late, alas, he has been succeeding rather well.

Why does Benedict keep raising men like this to high office? This is a question that must be asked again and, unfortunately, again.

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Anonymous said...

Seems like many, many occasions have arisen lately that force priests and bishops into the cold, hard light on just how faithful...or unfaithful they are. It doesn't surprise me how many show themselves to work for the devil. And the names do not surprise me either. The only thing that surprises me and disappoints me is that we hear nothing about fraternal correction administered to them by their more faithful counterparts. Yes, these things may have taken place behind the curtains but I doubt it as it is very difficult to keep a secret. And with so many scandals by bishops in need of fraternal correction, one would think something would become known. But alas. Nothing. Besides...the fraternal correction, just like the scandal, should be public, not private.

The Devil thinks that the Faithful will be so disgusted and angry at our heirarchy for their infidelities and cowardice, that we will not pray for them and therefore it may get it's hands on their souls more easily. It is wrong. As repulsive as the feeling is, we will pray for them as instructed by Christ. And especially now during this Lenten season. There is actually a surprisingly sweet sensation that is experienced after making such a prayer. Something akin to a feeling of helping Michael shove satan into Hell. This time...for good.

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