Monday, August 14, 2017

Pope Francis: Do you tremble ?

What is this man?  Who can explain this?

Pope Francis is, I am saddened to have to say, appearing to be by his silence, apparent indifference, possible ignorance, verifiable actions and words, a supporter of the worldwide movement, directed by Christ's prideful enemies, for the forced acceptance of the mortal sin of sexual perversion.

That is an awful thing to have to write.  Or even think.  But I am at a loss to know what other conclusion one can come to.  That Catholics should live in a time when the Pope of Rome by all evidence is abandoning his flock to wolves is something I never really thought I would ever see.

Worse, I am far from the only one who is alarmed.  What is this man?  Is he stupid, is he cunning, is he just indifferent?  Is it something even worse than those three?  Who can explain him?  How are Catholics supposed to deal with this?  Is there something other than the fervent prayers we are all now offering that we must do?

Every day the signs of a disintegrating Church (and world) grow clearer, so much so that anyone who denies this has simply stopped being rational.  While the auto-demolition goes merrily along our Holy Father speaks of trivialities for the most part and rarely speaks about the evils oppressing the world.  Yes, he has spoken about them; we must be honest about that.  And yes, they receive little media attention (the media much prefers his incomprehensible ramblings about their pet causes).  Charity as well as honesty demands that we admit this.

But fairness also demands that we tell Francis to his face that he is abetting some of the greatest evils the world has ever known, evils that will destroy the Catholic Church.  Big Buggery, heavily supported by worldwide corporate and government interests, has only had the spectacular success it has had because the last six or seven pontificates have done little or nothing to stop it, and in the case of Bergoglio, has not only done nothing to stop it but is actively encouraging it by his words, horrible appointments (like Cupich, et al) and outright indifference.

We address His Holiness, Pope Francis:

Holy Father, you are aiding and abetting whether you would admit this or not the buggering of adolescent boys.

Please read that again, Your Holiness.  I am talking about sodomizing boys.  You are encouraging that, wittingly or unwittingly, by your words, actions and inactions.

Your Holiness is also encouraging (I hope unknowingly):

the destruction of the family,

the spreading of mortal sin,

the spreading of filth and disease,

the exaltation of heretics and apostates and cowards and moral wretches like Walter Kasper, Donald Wuerl, Reinhard Marx, Bonney, Dolan, Cupich, Ackermann, Danneels, etc., etc., etc.  For your efforts to promote and encourage such disreputable men you will, I am afraid, have to wear the shame of those decisions for the rest of your life, and answer to God for it.  As I grow older I tremble often about my upcoming meeting with God, a meeting that every day grows closer and closer, filling me with awful foreboding.  Here we are, "shameless criminals", as St Augustine calls sinners such as myself.  I hope for God's mercy but even so I will face God's justice.

But won't exalted Churchmen also face what I and every other human being will face when death comes?

Our words and actions have consequences.  Little innocent children will very soon have to face a world of unimaginable evil due to the action and inactions of Popes like yourself.

I respectfully ask Your Holiness to think about this.  Surely you are not so cold to Christ's little ones that you would throw them into the arms of sex perverts?  If so why do you let these Cardinals run around, shooting off their mouths about the "positive" aspects of unnatural unions?  Indeed why is Your Holiness, along with many Bishops and priests, so reluctant to call sodomy the mortal sin that it is?

Mortal.  Sin.  Words quite conspicuous by their absence in all these discussions about the problems in the world.  I cannot remember hearing those words very much in the past forty-odd years.  Why does Your Holiness not use them?  Either you and many Churchmen no longer believe that sodomy is a mortal sin, or you are too frightened to say so.

I will ask Your Holiness the question directly: is sodomy a mortal sin, one in fact that cries to Heaven for vengeance, or isn't it?

I will also ask this: does a Muslim or a pagan or a Jew have to be baptized into the Catholic Faith in order to be saved, yes or no? (This is not, as one might think at first glance, an unrelated question.)

These are not questions that can tolerate an ambiguous answer.

Your Holiness recently graced the shores of America with a visit, and the hoopla and huzzahs was broadcast day and night.  The insufferable puppet of the Elite [Obama] threw in your face a collection of sex perverts and apostate Catholics.  What did you do?  Did you kiss them and hug them, or tell them that they need to go to Confession and amend their lives? What did you say to Obama, murderer of the innocent and fomenter of unjust wars?  Did you emulate your predecessor John Paul II, who spoke courageously against abortion while standing next to abortion's presidential enablers, Bill and Hillary Clinton?  Alas all evidence points to the fact that you did not.

In short will Catholics clinging desperately to Peter's barque be shoved into the raging seas to drown, again, after being knifed in the back by their own father, again?  Is that what we must expect from your American visit?

And your tragic Synod?  I say "your" Synod because it was your idea, your creation, to have this circus.  It is your responsibility for what has followed.  Just as that woebegone, unnecessary Council, Vatican 2, the council that tempted God, was an unmitigated disaster, the Popes who thought about starting it, began starting it, moved it along as it was in session, and incessantly promoted it afterwards all bear the responsibility for the disaster that followed, that disaster being a stifling of the Catholic Faith throughout the world.  To that raging fire of indifference, immorality and apostasy you now apparently wished to throw gasoline at it with your infamous Synod and your revolting exhortation that followed it, which we here are pleased to call Amoris Dementia.

Sexual perverts of all stripes, a veritable Rainbow Reich, are in a state of glee and high expectation over what the time bombs of the Synod will gift to them, and are already gifting them. The news media laps it all up with relish and plays its part with skill, while water-carriers for the Modernists do their best to feed these expectations.

Do you tremble over this ?

If you don't perhaps you should ?

[Editor's note:  This draft was originally composed in the aftermath of the Synod of Despair, aka the "Synod on the Family" and while the floppy-eared Marxist was still our president.  But it seemed right to go ahead and publish it now with a few timely and necessary revisions.  After all the scandal of the sympathy for sex deviates is still very much in play in Rome under this terrible pontificate.]


philipjohnson said...

You are so spot on with your writing here.The Church is in one Hell of a mess led by a Heretic Pope who hates The Catholic Faith.Let us call them out for what they are-these Prelates who embrace Filth, Lies,and deception.We are the winners in the end.What a great time to be a Traditional Catholic!!Keep up the good work.God Bless.

Aged parent said...

Thanks for the kind words. May God bless you and yours...


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this so badly needed TRUTHS about this apostate pope. I just wonder, where are all cardinals, bishops and even priests who will say it out-loud! The silence of the church is absolutely shocking and is an open betrayal of our Savior Jesus Christ!!!
What does it mean? Is the whole church is immersed in the apostasy?

Aged parent said...

What is going on in the Church today is sort of like the Arian Heresy, only worse.

Elizabeth said...

Excellent, Aged Parent. God bless.

Aged parent said...

Thank you. Elizabeth.

susan said...

really, really, REALLY well said...and MUCH needed. Thank you.

Aged parent said...

You are most welcome, Susan, and thank you for your gracious words.

Anonymous said...

PF doesn't tremble because he isn't even a Christian. His 'church' is is the official creed of the the UN, namely the UWO. For the UWO to triumph European Christian civilization has to be destroyed, that is why he is 100% behind the Muslim invasion of Europe. To facilitate this egregious project the Church had to be laid low, hence the necessity for the Vatican Council.
This is a piece of long-term planning most Catholics cannot or won't get their heads around.

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