Monday, April 24, 2017

Fred Reed analyzes the First Transgender President

Says Fred:

Oh Lord, it’s happening–the remanufacture of Trump by the Establishment. During the campaign, Trump and the Basilisk had nothing in common but their hair dye. Now, almost daily, he looks more like her.
He gets embarrassing. Regarding the alleged gassing in Syria, quoth Donald:
“When you kill innocent children, innocent babies — babies, little babies — with a chemical gas … that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line. … And I will tell you, that attack on children yesterday had a big impact on me … my attitude toward Syria and Assad has changed very much.”
God almighty. Who wrote this–a middle school girl with C’s in English, or the President of the United States? Did he retire to his bedroom for a good cry?
Apparently he ordered his missile strike without bothering to find out what happened. The usual suspects are driving him like a sports car.
The election was a choice between fetor and a lunatic. We chose the lunatic. Whether this was better than the alternative, we will never know, but Trump is going from bad to worse, or as the Mexicans say, de Guatemala a Guatepeor.
Does he believe this stuff? Is he naive enough to think that there was something unusually horrible about the attack? Horrible, yes, but not in the least unusual. Do you know what everyday, boring artillery does to children? Five-hundred-pound bombs? Hellfire rockets? Daily Mr. Trump’s military and his allies daily drop shrapnel-producing explosives on people, cities, towns, adults, children, weddings and goatherds in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen. Good draft-dodger that he was, he probably has never seen any of this. Good psychopath that he may be, he may not care

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The Trumpette ?


Kathleen1031 said...

I was not able to read the whole article. I clicked, nothing happened.
In my opinion he is not an articulate man. But he is a very intelligent man. He outsmarted an entire political machine, they never really saw it coming, which is why Hillary Clinton sobbed the entire night she lost her chance to throttle America by the neck for eight years. He's not stupid. But glib and brilliance are not the same thing, and we are easily taken in by glib, as we can see demonstrated by the previous two elections, when Barack Hussein Obama was put in our White House, even after demonstrating he was a mysterious figure with a vaporous background and no other job save "community organizing", and sat in a black militant church headed by a man who hated America so much he cursed her regularly "God d--- America!" and so on.
There is a learning curve, even to be president. After a year or two, every single president knows more than when they started. He will too, because indications are he learns.
Give him a chance, a real chance, not weeks after the election should we declare him a failure! No saints were running, we had him, or a positively evil and corrupt person to choose from. He showed he had the particular qualities needed to persevere despite all that was against him. He's going to need those qualities. Those entities are still there, and louder still. Doesn't it make more sense to get behind the man who may be our last chance? Who on earth do you think would be able to get elected, now that we see how vile the world, the culture, the media, is.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Kathleen. Link is now fixed.

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