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Frankly, we are as sick of writing about this sickening Synod as most are of reading about it.  But as many have stated, the job was accomplished:  a world has been scandalized.  That was the intention, and that was the result.  I will not play the game of mental gymnastics when it comes to the Holy Father's participation in this scandalization operation; he is not a stupid man.  Incoherent at times, but not stupid.  He has unchained destructive forces.

Those forces were more or less kept at bay in decades past.  That is not the case now.

When the leader sets the tone, either directly or by silence, the generals tend to follow.  As the old but rather crude phrase has it, shit flows downhill.

We are told that at least 50 Cardinals at the Synod came out in favor of saying that a sin that cries to Heaven for vengeance is, rather, a gift.

Fifty Cardinals apparently believe that.

How many of those 50 are practicing sodomites themselves is anybody's guess; my guess would be quite a few.

The teachings of the Church took a terrible hit at the Bastard Synod.  And it has not recovered, nor will it recover for a long while, most likely decades.  But strange as it may seem to some we have among the losses seen a rather interesting gain: the scales are beginning to drop from the eyes of some formerly tepid Catholic writers and bloggers (and Cardinals?) whose hearts were/are in the right place but who could not bring themselves to believe that men at the top could actually be conniving for the completion of the Modernist Revolution in the Catholic Church.

That is a net gain which we should not take lightly.  I am not saying that this fact alone will save the Church from the next debacle being contemplated by the Gnomes of Vatican City but even a few new recruits cannot help but do good in what is shaping up to be a huge battle, if not a full-scale war for the very heart and soul of Catholicism.  A momentum has been built up that must not be squandered especially now since anyone with a shred of common sense has to realize that the wounded immoralists of the Synod are now regrouping and laying the groundwork for the next assault.  They have seen their enemy and they will be surely planning to circumvent another Catholic backlash from occurring at their next jamboree in 2015.  They are nothing if not clear-eyed people, acting in concert with a deliberate end in view.

The Chinese call 2015 the Year of the Sheep, a note I provide for your amusement but not without a sense that maybe even the pagans have got something interesting to add to the discussion.

But what kind of sheep?  I hope the kind that will mention to their shepherd that it is better to steer clear of cliffs. If one of the shepherd's own Cardinals can remind him of this duty then certainly laymen can too.

(Here is his address in case you are interested:

His Holiness, Pope Francis 
Apostolic Palace 
00120 Vatican City

An airmail stamp to Europe from the USA is less than a buck.)

When I write to the Pope I will enclose a copy of the following photo:

Pray for these poor little children

[With thinks to Vox Cantoris for the image.  Please God that these little children will somehow be spared the horrors of such a monstrous situation.]

It is obvious that these bad ideas which came from this misbegotten Synod will be back next year with a vengeance and that strategies are being prepared to circumvent any Catholic counter response.  What, then, must be done?

Prayer, of course.  First and foremost.  Like countless others this writer offered his paltry prayers every day of the Synod, but with the knowledge that wounded animals are extremely vicious it would behoove us to enlarge upon those prayers to keep the wounded animals at bay in 2015.

And then there is penance, that remedy strongly suggested by God's Mother at the time of the celebrated Fatima visitations a century ago.  What kinds of penances?  Performing faithfully the duties of our state in life, for one.  And the Church would always add to that the balm of fasting.  But we know all this.  I don't want to sound like a schoolmarm reminding everyone of what they already know needs to be done.  Everyone reading this knows perfectly well what must be done. (I am not so much outlining a certain program as merely suggesting common sense.)

Catholics have been profoundly shocked and stunned in the last few weeks, be they layfolk, writers or lowly bloggers.  It is horrible to imagine that there are high personages in the Church who are our bitterest enemies.  Who would not be shocked if their mother suddenly turned to them one day and said that everything she has taught them for their entire lives is just so much rubbish.  But facts have to be faced.  The Synod fathers - and I mean a substantial number of them - have done just exactly that.  The example of a cheat and a liar like Cardinal Kasper should be enough to convince.  He is petty, dishonest, vengeful and powerful.  He has the ear and the confidence of the Pope.  Take note: to dismiss him lightly would be a serious mistake.  He is very much like a wounded, bleeding wolverine.

And the formerly complacent Catholic writers and thinkers - and Churchmen! - have awakened to some of the sinister machinations of the more repellent members of our suffering Church.  They have seen that what happened in Rome was a smoothly-run propaganda operation, superbly done by professionals who know how to get it done.

This awakening has been a long time coming and they have started at last to speak out.  It has also, to the delight of not a few, exposed the shallowness of the papolater crowd, the Weigels, etc.  That also is a net gain in this writer's opinion.  I choose my internet reading as carefully as possible so I tend to avoid the blowhard bloggers, the ever-reliable Pollyannas who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.  Since I don't waste precious time reading them or being concerned by their shallow thinking I reserve for them only the kind of pity that hopes they will one day see through their sophistries, papal adulations and doctrinally-challenged views.  I hope they will soon join others who are beginning to see through the fog.

Will God let true Catholicism win the next round against the clerical villains, or will He allow the rot to go deeper?  I honestly don't know.  Frankly, to be brutally honest, I am not optimistic.  I have only to look in the mirror to understand that God is holding Catholics, high and low, responsible for this due to their sins.

Despair, however tempting, is not in the cards, it must be said.  The Faith has made one or two gains in this diabolical debacle.  Scene Two of this nightmare begins next year (though there will be plenty of Modernist bilge flowing from the mouths of the well-known clerical bastards between now and then).  While they are preparing their assault we are preparing our defense.

I was edified by this recent piece by Brother Andre Marie, MICM.  Brother Andre can be said to be a Catholic realist.  When you read the article you will see why.  He is a defender as well as a realist.

It could be said that we need to be keyboard Cristeros just now.  And that would entail working with clarity, with charity, with firmness and a recognition of the job which has to be accomplished.

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