Friday, May 30, 2014


It can be hoped that this may be Russia's defining moment on abortion.  Abortion was brought to Russia by the Bolsheviks decades ago and, since then, over a million children are killed each year in their mother's womb.

But 100,000 people have now signed a petition to stop this.  The story is here:

Under Russian law any initiative that garners that many petitioners automatically gets heard by a committee of the Duma.

No matter which way you look at it this is most encouraging news, and it gives an even sharper perspective on current world events.  Countries dripping with the blood of the unborn have been coalescing around America, another nation swimming in blood, in its political maneuvers against Russia.  This potentially devastating blow against abortion is yet another reason why Russia is so hated by the usual suspects.  Even as we write US warships are heading to the Black Sea with their "defensive"(sic) weapons on board.

Russia has deep and terrible wounds that need to be healed.  It has been lying in rubble for nearly a century. But green shoots seem to be sprouting from its scorched earth, as we have seen by recent initiatives by the government and its president to encourage larger families, push back against the sodomite onslaught, protect fellow Christians in Syria and elsewhere, and now this.  May God and Our Lady bless them.

Russia is beginning to fight the fight everyone else has long abandoned.

No wonder the Satanic forces are lining up against her.


Anonymous said...

Let's not get too optimistic over Putin. In many ways he is both an enigma and a contradiction! I'm unsure if he is secretly part of the New World Order or is struggling to disentangle Russia from its tentacles. The passage of time will solve that mystery.

Thomas said...

Right now President Vladimir Putin is one of the very few world leaders who lead according to the Christian religion and that includes Pope Francis. Father Gruner calls such an enigma soil being tilled in preparation for the Consecration of Russia. I pray so! Isn't there a prophecy about Russia invading France then suddenly turning to defend her from an enemy from the south? Clearly, that enemy would be the Muslem hoard.

Given the state of my own country, Russia looks better to me every day. May God bless Vladimir Putin and bring him...and his nation to the holy Catholic religion.

Aged parent said...

Yes, Anon, you are right to ask for caution. There are clearly some encouraging things going on over there which only the diehard anti-Russians will still deny or ignore, but you are right: we have to wait and see.

Given that, however, it is always interesting to discover who someone's enemies are. It's not a perfect measure by which to evaluate someone, but it is helpful.

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