Thursday, February 14, 2013


It had to happen.

The Pentagon is now going to award metals to drone operators.  From RT Today:

We are now, officially, worse than the Communists and the Nazis.


Editor: Jay Boyd, Ph.D. said...

OMG. That is sick. And completely trivializes the awarding of medals.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Dr Boyd, for your comment.

Life seems to be cheap for everybody these days, from the highest levels of government down to the average man. We can thank things like contraception, abortion and culture of death, which finds its perfect embodiment in the US government, for bringing us to this sorry point. So many will cheer on these killings of the innocent, be they in the womb or at a quiet watering hole in the Middle East.

We live in troubled times. But I thank you for your comment, and the fine work you do over at your excellent blog.

Anonymous said...

Jay Boyd's blog is excellent. I was there five minutes ago. I didn't go to the link jn this post yet but will. This war on terror is a complex business,greatly because the U.S as leader of the free blah x3 world has made it so. The endless war should stop right now or it will be endless. Funny that. If the U.S would try a different Arab-Israeli policy Israel would have to pretty much follow instead of it continuing the other way around. ... I intend to return later to say just a little more about this. I don't think Aged Parent will shut down discussion as so many others do when the topic is Arab-Israeli problem which of course is BIG problem for the entire world.

Anonymous said...

Could you resurrect this topic and post this article that I just read today? Thanks.

Aged parent said...

Anon @4:18

Thank you for the suggestion. I will read the article you linked to. I agree, too, that the topic is well worth looking into again.

Aged P

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