Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Always our thoughts on the tragedy being played out in the land where Christ once walked center on the never-ending injustice that drenches the area.  On the historical facts behind this tragedy little is known by the average reader.  Therefore it is necessary for sensible discussion that these facts are known.

Daily we hear about Muslim fanaticism, some of which reporting is rubbish while some of it, alas, is true.  Rarely do we ever hear the causes of this fanaticism and when some pundit attempts to find a cause he chooses the route of the unthinking.  To these people the only explanation for the mess is Arab intransigence, recklessness and ignorance (or, more laughably, "because they hate our freedoms").  To these the Arabs are unworthy of their thoughts or their compassion.  They are like ants and nothing more.  Repugnant websites like "JihadWatch" peddle this attitude with grand insouciance, never bothering to do the investigative work necessary to find the real causes of the fanaticism they decry.

The real cause dates back twenty centuries, before there were any such things as Moslems.  But the immediate cause of the current troubles dates from the mad dreams of Theodore Herzl, dreams which came to fruition a little over sixty short years ago, in 1947, the year in which the ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land began.

The following article offers the relevant facts and offers a challenge, too.

Of further interest, this apparently little-known assassination - little know in the USA that is - continues to throw light on the whole terrible situation.  The victim was Catholic Arab Alex Odeh. 

This is but the proverbial tip of the iceberg.  But these things must become better known, for the sake of all people who live in the world.

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