Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Behold the actions of the adversaries of Christendom (what's left of it, at any rate):

They've got everything on their side, Hollywood, the iron heel of governments, stupidity and sentimentality.  But we have something on our side, such as that Thing which has been known even to cast out devils: prayer and fasting.

Fasting is the harder of the two powerful weapons to commence, but since things are taking a rather ugly turn perhaps we should all, myself very much included, get cracking on this.

We might also read up on the life and martyrdom of St Charles Lwanga.  He paid the ultimate price for refusing to accede to a buggerious advance.


Anonymous said...

We got so many desperate situations to fast for I can't keep track.

Those were excellent comments, BTW.

Remember to never type the numbers used in the security code used for posting. You don't need it and it is only used to map your location. Talk about bold little bastards.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon.

BTW, being computer illiterate I'm not quite sure what you mean by never typing the numbers of the security code. Can you enlighten me?

Anonymous said...

See the box below when you post? It says Please prove that you're not a robot. They always include a number. Just ignore that. It will post anyway.

Someone alerted to that on Rorate Caeli a few weeks ago.

God bless.

Aged parent said...

Once again, my thanks, Anon. I sort of assumed that is what you meant. On some blogs, however, if I want to comment I cannot seem to get around that obstacle, since it keeps telling me that the "characters" don't match, or something. I did try it here, and elsewhere, in the last few days and you were quite right that I was able to leave a comment without it.

But your point is taken and I will be on my guard from henceforth!

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