Thursday, February 2, 2012

BISHOP LISTECKI...still feeding the snakes?

His Excellency Bishop Jerome Listecki of Milwaukee walked into a snake pit when he took over the job as Archbishop of Milwaukee. His predecessor, Timothy Dolan, soon to be made Cardinal, was not in Milwaukee long enough to begin shoveling out the manure left in the diocese by his predecessor, Rembert Weakland of unpleasant memory. But Listecki has been Archbishop long enough for there to have been some movement in the right direction. I do not wish to dump on the man but his reign has thus far been nothing to cheer about.

True, he has his hands full (God help him). Just today, the terrible news of 500+ homosexual predation cases have been filed with his diocese, and it has made national headlines (needless to say the word "homosexual" was conspicuous by its absence in the media). He has, to be fair to him, inherited a nightmarish situation that was not begun by the execrable Weakland but was without question made manifestly worse under that tragic prelate’s leadership. Weakland, himself a sodomite, was obviously not going to take any serious steps to correct a problem brought on by an infestation of poofs into the Milwaukee diocese, an infestation he clearly encouraged. But Archbishop Listecki can take some serious steps and we would humbly suggest that he get up off his Episcopal rump and start doing so.

Things didn’t look good some months ago when Marquette University, under the leadership of Catholic phoney and Jesuit, Robert Wild, hired a female living a life of unnatural vice to an important position at the University. Which fact should have surprised no one since Wild has allowed numerous aberrations and flauntings of Catholic teaching to run rampant at his University. Yet here was a golden opportunity for Bishop Listecki to take a firm hand and reign in this Jesuit priest, an opportunity which was not taken. The “lady” in question has since moved on, but the snakes in the snake pit were left pretty much alone. One suspects that the reptiles in the Chancery might still be safely at their posts as well.

Of course I beg correction if any of this has not been the case. Indeed I welcome it.

But in the event that His Excellency might see this I hope he will know that he is being prayed for by many, that many are hoping his backbone grows stronger and that even now with all the troubles he is facing that he forge ahead and clean out the stables. On that note I will link to an excellent article on the Catholic Culture website, which repays reading by any newly-installed Ordinary.

Hang in there, Your Excellency. The army is ready to fight. Just lead the way.

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