Friday, July 31, 2015

Burke and Hare and Cecile Richards

Entrepreneurs Burke and Hare conducting business

Once upon a time in Edinburgh, not too long ago, Mr Burke and Mr Hare ran a thriving business. They would dig up the graves of the newly dead in the town and sell the reasonably fresh corpses to local doctors for purposes of study and teaching.  They made lots of money, the doctors were pleased and the living relatives of the dug-up bodies would cry over the desecrations.

But every once in awhile, not enough people were conveniently dying, and this caused a deficit in the Burke and Hare enterprise.  So in order to keep the profits rolling in they decided to "create" their own murdering a few unwary souls.  They "Burked" them, so to speak.

The fabled Dr Knox was perhaps their best customer.  The prices he paid were so high that it provided inspiration to Messrs Burke and Hare to sally forth and procure for him only the freshest of dead bodies.

It was a lucrative business for all concerned.(except the murder victims).

But at last the long arm of the law found out about the scheme and those responsible were dealt with by the magistrates.

That's how it was in Edinburgh in the 1820s.  But in Washington, DC in 2015 Mr Burke and Mr Hare would not be prosecuted for murdering people and selling their bodies (or body parts); instead they would be given millions of taxpayer dollars to continue their business, and their protectors in Washington would attempt to prosecute anyone who would object to their enterprise. Had they been alive today they would have found a new and comfortable Cecile Richards' Planned Parenthood.

Poor Mr Burke and Mr Hare.  It was just their bad luck that they were born several generations too early.

Boris Karloff as "The Body Snatcher"

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the age of the Antichrist.

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