Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fr Marcel Guarnizo schools the Clown Prince of the Church

I am very happy to see this.

Cardinal Dolan needs to be called on the carpet very badly and it is good that a Catholic priest has taken up the cudgels on behalf of Holy Church and put this irresponsible man in his place.

Read it here:

Dolan, who has been silent as a tomb when it comes to baby murderers and sodomites, allows his poorly-formed judgement on the immigration issue to be spread all over the world.  He cares nothing for accuracy, indeed even honesty.  His attack on Donald Trump is the most shameless piece of politically correct grandstanding it has been my displeasure to watch.  And that's saying something.

That the Pope of Rome allows these episcopal blowhards to run around and speak their idiotic opinions unchallenged says more about him than the blowhards in question.

Dolan needs prayers,  But he also needs to be fired from his position of authority, and the sooner the better.

Father Guarnizo also needs prayers because revenge-hungry mandarins will really be after his scalp after this.

Thank you, Father, for what you have written.


Vocal Catholic for Truth said...

this faithful priest needs to hear the thanks of the Faithful of the Catholic Church and know that we are praying for him too. Believe me...the enemies of God will have no problem reaching this good priest to puke out their hatred like the true sons and daihters of Satan that they are. Not that he cares I'm sure, but in justice he should be hearing from US.

Every time a public figure comes out to face the Devil by speaking the Truth he will be under attack as you well know. To counter that I have made a point to contact them with encouraging words of support and gratitude. From Chick Fil A to Hobby Lobby to Pro-Life Waco Texas who exposed the Girl Scouts' immoral activities to Anthony Garcia who filmed the Sodomite sacrileges and public homosexual activities in San Francisco to Fr. Rodriguez and Fr. P ( name forgotten) to patriot Sheriff Joe Arpiao and to the small non-Catholic voice that sometimes attempt to speak publicly to defend Christ. All of them I have thanked. All of them were grateful for the call.

WE are the voices of the Faithful. Let us not be silent.

Vocal Catholic for Truth said...

Isn't he the priest who stopped the Buddhist Lesbian from commiting public sacrilege at a funeral only to have that anti-Catholic Donald Wuerl defend the unrepentent sinner?

Aged parent said...

Yes, he is the priest who tried to stop that sacrilege, only to be dumped on by Wuerl and his sock puppet, Barry Knesthout.

The Bedards said...

Thanks, I've just had it with Dolan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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