Thursday, August 20, 2015

Paul Gottfried: How the GOP plans to knife Trump (most likely right in the back)

Like many I am watching the Republican meltdown over Trump with great amusement.  This has nothing to do with Mr Trump either as a person or as a candidate.  It has everything to do with watching these phony "conservatives" being exposed for the lackeys for the Money Power that they are.

The great Paul Gottfried details how the big money guys are planning to get rid of this gadfly.

A sample:

Watching and reading the MSM for the last few weeks, it’s become obvious that frustration is setting in among establishment talking heads who would love to be rid of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Despite the Donald’s rudeness in ridiculing the media and establishment candidates in both official parties, this pesky contender just won’t go away. His poll numbers continue to rise in the face of venomous hatred. Every time GOP old guardists  George Will andMichael Gerson call for “marginalizing” the influence of Trump and his followers, his popularity surges even higher. Not even the snobbish insult that his supporters never went to college (unlike Scott Walker, for whom Will’s wife works and who dropped out of Marquette University after one semester) has halted Trump’s march toward the GOP nomination. A supposed candidate of the illiterate, who graduated from from the Wharton School of Business, Trump has double the poll numbers of his nearest rival, who is Ted Cruz or Ben Carson, depending on who’s doing the polling. The onetime favorite of the GOP establishment Jeb Bush, seems to be fading in proportion to the megabucks that billionaires and the Mexican government have been throwing at him.

A great article, the rest of which can be read here.


Dad29 said...


Walker spent far more than 'one semester' at Marquette U.

Aged parent said...

Interesting, Dad. He obviously didn't learn much while at Marquette. Then again, considering the dubious quality of a Marquette education he probably wasn't taught much, either.

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