Sunday, August 30, 2015

First it was "ms" and now it's "ze"

Since everyone has so happily and unthinkingly accepted the ridiculous appellation "ms" to describe ladies married or unmarried, I'll bet that it won't be long until the same unthinking ones (including Catholics) will start using "ze".

What to do when someone uses these idiocies?  Give them the withering mockery they so richly deserve, as this blog has always done since it began in 2011 A.D. [Note to those in the Vatican: "AD" signifies "Anno Domini", marking the central historical event in all human history.  We know that many in Rome have now adopted the Jewish "CE", but we thought that perhaps you needed a reminder.]

The Hounds of Hell must be laughing themselves silly at the collective mindlessness of the world.


Anonymous said...

A.D. signifies "Anno Domini."


Aged parent said...

Thanks for catching the typo. Corrected.

Just call me Mrs. said...

I make everyone call me MRS.! I especially enjoy calling the telephone or internet providers because the first thing asked is "May I have your first name please?" I say "You may call me Mrs. Xxx." or "My name is Mrs. Xxxx!" I can feel them shrink into a puddle of humuliated, scolded confusion.

Aged parent said...

Good for you, "Just call me Mrs" !!

You've inspired me to do the same thing.

FLOR solitaria said...

CE can also mean Christ Era.
As for 'miz' 'zem' etc, everybody will probably call each other 'comrade' soon.

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