Monday, July 6, 2015

USA To Poland: Let's You and Them Fight

I am beginning to believe that the nation of Poland should be put on a suicide watch.  Not only are they allowing US military and equipment into their country, and allowing the US some black sites for little exercises in torture, but they are practicing war games with the US in anticipation of a fight with Russia, a country so large it encompasses eleven time zones.

What the US is saying to Poland is simply this: you let us fire our missiles at Russia and when Russia fires back and destroys much of Poland we will be safely ensconced in our bunkers in Nevada.  The retaliatory strikes that Russia makes will undoubtedly be aimed at the location of the Missile launchings, which is in Poland.  I wonder if the Polish people realize what their government is setting them up for.

Recently Poland elected a new president, Mr Duda, who seems to be a good man but who also seems to be another European politician in thrall to the US and NATO (or do I repeat myself?)  True, as has been noted many times by many sources the USA bribes European politicians with American tax dollars to do its bidding and leaders in France, Germany, Latvia, Britain, Spain among others, because of those bribes, happily acquiesce to whatever demands the US might make of them, even, it appears, to the point of committing national suicide.  The sanctions game is just one example of Europeans shooting themselves in the foot to make Uncle Sam happy, but allowing themselves to be hit with retaliatory fire power from Russia is just breathtaking.  How much money does it take to make a Merkel, or a Hollande, or Poland agree to such a thing?

Dear people of Poland, resist this insanity.  And take your country back.  The crazed loons who run US foreign policy seem hell-bent on fighting with Russia and think nothing of seeing your country and others ravaged by destruction, some of it very possibly nuclear.  Put your past hatreds of Russia away at least for awhile. Remember, it is not Russia pushing sodomy, sex perversion and financial destruction on your country. America is doing that.

Disentangle your beautiful country and your people away from this dangerous strategic alliance with an unstable partner and go your own way in the world, glorying in the Catholic Faith you hold so dear and that your US "ally" detests with the passionate hatred of the Pit.


Anonymous said...

The problem with Poland in general and its leadership in particular is they tend to have grandiose ideas about themselves and their nation. They still look back fondly to the glory days of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth when their territories spread from the Baltic to the Black Sea. A series of bad decisions ended with three partitions of Poland in the latter 18th century, and of course after an ill-conceived revolt in 1830 Poland disappeared until reconstituted in 1919. There are probably more than a few crackpots in Warsaw who envisage a conflict with Russia as a means of regaining Lvov and the western Ukraine.
Meanwhile people in Germany will be asking themselves, 'what about our cities of
Breslau, Stettin et. al.'

Aged parent said...

Fascinating, Anon. Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon @ 2.54,

here are some questions for you:-

1. Which series of "bad decisions" do you refer to?
2. Who are these Germans who are asking about Wroclaw" and "Szczecin"? Do they know the full history of these cities?
3. Are you quite sure Poland disappeared in 1830?
4. "Lvov" (as you call it) has been a Polish city since the early 14th century. (Perhaps the Kingdom of Ruthenia might want it back? Oh, it no longer exists. I'm sure you knew that already.) "The motto "Semper fidelis" is applied to the city of Lwów (Latin: Leopolis; now Lviv) in 1658 by Pope Alexander VII in recognition of the city's key role in defending Europe from Muslim invasion." Bet you didn't know that?
5. By the western Ukraine, you mean former Poland, So kindly donated to the Soviet Ukraine after WWII. And of course not to mention the brutal, wholesale massacre of 250,000 Polish defenceless men, women and children by the UPA/ OUN. Do you know about this? Do you care? Is ethnic cleansing OK?

Aged Parent you have a good blog and there is much to be concerned about. Indeed Poland may lose, but many of us will "fight the good fight" even unto persecution, as we are required to.

Semper Fidelis


Anonymous said...

Re Jan, I appear to have ruffled a few feathers! It was not my intention to do so, but only to emphasize that Poland needs to look to its position with respect to both present and historical realities. I speak as a friend and admirer of Poland and the Polish people. What Catholic cannot admire Poland and its great king John Sobieski for relieving the siege of Vienna.
Your knowledge of Polish and east European history is more extensive than mine, but the greatest mistake made by the Polish nobility was their desire to weaken and control the monarchy by making it an elective and non-heredity office.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @ 6.18

Please ruffle my feathers if you want, I like to be kept alert. There's plenty of time being dead.

With the utmost respect, the issues that you raised in your first post have nothing in common with those in the second post.

In my humble view, the errors of Russia have spread through the world, because it was never fully consecrated to our Holy Mother as requested. So now we reap what was sowed.For God's time is not our time.

May God bless you and keep you well. And apologies in case my words have caused you to be offended


Stephen Lowe said...

Poland has protected the West numerous times from various invaders...most notably at Vienna and the Miracle at the Vistula....Their history is to be honored by freedom loving people. Their courage is to be admired. Then after all that....they are abandoned by the West in their time of need. You dismiss this too easily. I for one, place Poland above most countries in the West in terms of contributions to fidelity to freedom and justice.

Cris said...

Apparently none of you recall the invasion of Poland by Germany and Russia - during and post WWII

Aged parent said...

Hello Cris:

Thanks for your comment.

I certainly have not forgotten about it. Both Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia did indeed invade Poland. But the point of my post is simply that I don't want to see Poland used as a stooge for the US government. The idiots in Washington, who appear to be completely under the thumb of the Money Power, want to punish Russia for not knuckling under their demands. So the US is setting up military operations - and missiles - in countries near the Russian border which is about as perfect a description of madness as I have ever seen. If a US Patriot missile is fired into Russia from a base in Poland it is the site in Poland that will be reduced to ashes, and with it a lot of innocent Poles.

It is interesting to me that while the Nazis no longer rule Germany and the Communists no longer rule Russia that the worst aspects of those two despotisms have found a new, comfortable home in Washington DC.

Anonymous said...

Your article is one-sided. Did you think about what chance against Russia, does Polish nation have without US or NATO there? NONE!!! Russia will walk and tramp us as they just did in Ukraine. Look, Ukraine had nuclear weapon (not long ago), everybody asked them to give it up... and Ukraine did and NOW WHAT??? !!!

So, according to you, Poland is nobody to US? OK, but Poland is even "more nobody" for Russia and without US/NATO weapon Russia will just roll over us as a dog is rolling over the grass. There is no perfect solution to that. Such is a Polish geopolitical "beauty"...

However, in everything, there is WILL OF GOD and also, we are a nation who trust in our Black Madonna, a Queen of POLAND. God is a Lord of human history,too!

Jan, I am with you on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the retaliatory strikes will not be aimed at the countries near the borders...

Damask Rose said...
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