Friday, July 3, 2015

Chief Rabbi Attends Farewell Dinner for Adolph Hitler

In yet another demonstration of his unsuitability for the cloth he wears Cardinal Dolan at a recent meeting of the openly and proudly anti-Catholic coven known as the Anti Defamation League is seen hugging and making nice with one of the more notable persecutors of the Church, one Abe Foxman.

Famous comedian (l), anti Catholic monster (c), Obama stooge (r).  Notice how the comedian attempts to look cool and hip.
Abe Foxman is without question one of the world's great lost souls, and most proud of it. Rejecting his Baptism into the Faith by a family that saved him from a life of misery he has gone on to be a sly and brilliant persecutor of the Church (Candida Moss, late of Tooting-on-the-Thames, England, notwithstanding).  He enjoys watching weaklings squirm under his gaze, like the organizers of the Oberammergau Passion Play, who withered under his considerable pressure and turned the Play into a celebration of Jewish power instead of a depiction of Christ's sufferings.  He has used his power, money and connections to humiliate the Church, drive the Church from the public square and agitate for the foulest crimes against morality imaginable, one of the most successful being the exaltation of public sodomy.  Proud parent of a son who entered marital bliss with another man (by the way, Abe, which one is the groom and which one is the bride??) Mr Foxman has not been shy about his happiness over his accomplishments, now enshrined in something called a "law" dictated by five very fallible employees of the Federal government headed by Anthony Kennedy and his crew of apostate Catholics, Jews and lesbians.

Quoth Dolan at the gala Foxman affair:

“Yes, I’m jealous you seem to have a lot more access to the pope than I do,” said Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York.

 (Oh, dear; did I read that right?)

With such an agenda one might think a Catholic would shrink from being asked to even shake the hand of such a creature.  Not Laughing Timothy Dolan.  Oh no.  The Church's Clown Prince embraces his persecutor and his master, all smiles and corny jokes, grovelling and toadying as only he knows how.  I'm trying to imagine Berlin's Chief Rabbi attending a congratulatory dinner for Adolph Hitler, for that is what we have here when a Cardinal of the Catholic Church drools at the feet of a sworn enemy of Catholicism.

Pray for Abe Foxman.

Pray for Timothy Dolan.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that important piece of news, it is something most of us would never hear about. The picture says it all, it is beyond shocking, it is revolting.
A 'Prince of the Church' acting best buddies with that loathsome creature Foxman!
If Cardinal Dolan is typical of his brother cardinals, and there is no reason to doubt it, then were the Church not divinely founded we could be excused for giving up to despair.

annely said...

His pectoral Cross is hidden so the vampires don't die and can continue to persecute the Church and betray every misplaced trust.

aly said...

It appears Pope Francis hides his Cross too when among vampires; among vampires often and inappropriately it appears.

Gervase Crouchback said...

Gee a meeting between Foxman,a wolf in sheep's clothing and a sheep.
The same Foxman who tried to stir up trouble for my fellow Australian MelGibson regarding THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST.
God's justice is slow but sure

Gregory Maximus said...

Cardinal Dolan is Juda incarnate a real betrayal to Christ. Did Dolan tell Foxman without Baptism into the Catholic Church you are Damn to go to Hell. Dolan denies Christ and he does this over and over. Dolan needs more than prayers. He needs Catholics to make Sacrifices like long fasting and other penances for Dolan's reversion back to being Catholic again.

Anonymous said...

He that is unjust, let him be unjust still..

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