Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Republicans have a Brain Trust. No, really.

I post this photo especially for Republicans, once the Great Whig Party.  I'd make it larger only it would blot out everything on my blog.

Dr Boyd Cathey, one of this blog's favorite Catholic writers, has explored the depths of the Republican Party.

I don't envy him the privilege.

But if you want to know how these people think, and how they get to where they are, I recommend Cathey's latest over at the Unz Review:

The author describes the"brain trust", aka the back room boys, who keep the Republicans weak, useless and stupid (though when we view people like Tom Cotton or Scott Walker we see that they are not necessarily in need of lessons in stupidity).

A taste:

For some time, I have been documenting this situation in what passes for the American “conservative movement”: recently the managing editor of National Review,came out for same sex marriage(Jason Lee Steorts, “An Equal Chance at Love: Why We Should Recognize Same Sex Marriage,” May 19, 2015,” ); major leaders of the College Republicans have also endorsed it and warned GOP candidates not to oppose it (“Study finds 61% of young Republicans support same-sex marriage,”); on Fox News, the leading Neocon media organ in the nation along with The Wall Street Journal, Jonah Goldberg, Steve Hayes, and former Marxist Charles Krauthammer (again, how much Marxism has actually left him?) have endorsed same sex marriage, and George Will literally has been orgasmic about it (no pun necessarily intended). They may not agree with the unconstitutional means of achieving it, but they have no qualms with the end result.


Anonymous said...

Of course they all agree. Next step - legalizing paedophilia.

Anonymous said...

That is because they do not know what Marriage is. Their holy book is the Constitution and We The People their god. They imprison others for theft, yet have no problem stealing the sacrament of marriage.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Megyn Kelly. She, too, is for gay "marriage."

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