Sunday, July 26, 2015

Tokyo Rose is back in the news

The geriatric Righter of All Wrongs is bellowing again very loudly at some mildly critical remarks made about him by Donald Trump.  (Instead of, as McCain demands, Trump owing POWs an apology I believe it should be Mr McCain to be the one offering apologies to POWs.)

Before anyone takes a firm side on this question I recommend the following article by Ron Unz over at Unz Review:

A sample:

[The recent remarks of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump have triggered a political media firestorm regarding the Vietnam War record of Sen. John McCain, resulting in a surge of renewed traffic to my "Tokyo Rose" piece, which I am now republishing below.
An even greater flood of attention has gone to Sydney Schanberg's original 8,000 word article, which I had published as a cover story for The American Conservative several years ago. I urge people to read that remarkable expose.
As a Pulitzer Prize winning former top editor at The New York Times, there are few living Americans who can match Schanberg's journalistic authority in this subject, and the fact that our entire American media has spent years entirely ignoring the explosive and massively-documented charges of one of its most distinguished members demonstrates to all of us that we are indeed living in the world of "American Pravda." I also include a link to my own discussion of Schanberg's remarkable findings]


Matthias said...

Tell me Aged parent ,why do americans seems to value a politicians Army service or lack of it?? I am an Australian and we were the only country to have a totally volunteer army in WW1 -328000 of which which 61,519 were killed or died of wounds ,165000 came back injured in body and mind. Yes we have ANZAC day -April25th - where we remember our war dead very year ,but we have a healthy scepticism towards those politicians who see enemies everywhere,or readily beat the drum . I think WW1 and the experience of the British letting us down in Singapore has reinforced that scepticism.But we respect all of our ex servicemen and women,and woe betide any schmuck who belittles them
Oh and in Vietnams our POW rate-NIL,with 500 dead out of a total number sent of 50000 1962-1972

Anonymous said...

All that I need to know about McCain is what I heard him state on TV last week. " I'm on Bibi's side. "
That's right. A United States senator admitting that he is a Jew tool. He puts the interests of another country above the interests of his own.
Not often that someone blatantly admits to treason.

Linda Zentner said...

My brother was on the USS Forrestal in the disaster.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Linda, for mentioning that. God bless you and all your family.


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