Saturday, November 19, 2016

Memo to Antonio Spadaro SJ: Drop Dead

A Church of wannabe Napoleons.  Funny, really.

I get a kick out of watching these nonentities, these little dictators who have assumed positions of power and/or influence in the Vatican, acting like the Martinets they have always longed to be. This particular martinet, one Antonio Spadaro, is dismissing the people in the pew again.

One has to wonder if he takes a deep breath and beats his chest before gracing us with his pronouncements.

To say that I have lost my patience with these people would be giving them a certain kind of respect.  Do they deserve respect?  They deserve none.  They deserve to be driven bodily out of Rome by Catholics holding torches, tar and feathers. They insult our intelligence.  Their arrogance is laughable in a sick, twisted sort of way.  They revel in that arrogance.  They serve a Pope who is unfortunately very much like them so they feel quite at home among the poseurs, the hypocrites and the weirdos the Pope has appointed.

But who is Spadaro, really?

By any standard of measurement Spadaro is a failure.  His academic career was undistinguished, his journalistic skills meagre.  He is one of those mysterious men who "has risen without trace". He came from nowhere but clearly had the right contacts.  Looking at his Weakland/Cupich-type face I shudder to think of what kind of contacts.

Mr Spadaro, who has the ear of the Pope, is telling us, with the smugness so characteristic of agenda-driven men, that Amoris Laetitia is what it is and we should deal with it.


It is not a stretch nor an excercise in hyperbole to state that Amoris Laetitia will be responsible for souls ending up in Hell since it directly contradicts the words of Jesus Christ about adultery.  Is he really comfortable with that?

I would imagine Spadaro has never really considered Hell as anything but a medieval abstraction. It would be revealing to know if he even believes there is such a place.  Or is he like our current Pontiff who believes there is a Hell but nobody actually goes there.

Really, at this point I could care less what he believes or doesn't believe.  He is nothing and one day will be dead like the rest of us.  I did have to snicker at his "tweets" aimed at the four Cardinals who are asking for a simple clarification on certain points of the Pope's Amoris Laetitia. He likened them to "witless worms" in what he apparently imagines to be a scintillatingly clever retort to the Cardinals.  Junior High School stuff.  Note to Spadaro: worms generally crawl out of the woodwork. Where did you crawl out of?

So, Mr Spadaro your words will not have the slightest effect on the truth of Christ's words, even if in you personal fantasies you may think they do.

Just go away.  Or drop dead.  Either way works.


TLM said...

As Padre Pio famously informed one of his smug penitents; 'You don't believe in hell? Well, you certainly will when you get there!!'

To Spadaro and the Pope's gang of Communist friends that surround him: 'You all can float about in your little fantasy world of Marxism/Flower Power all you want, but if you don't convert to the truth of Christ in his certainly will believe in hell when you get there!

Aged parent said...

Thanks for the Padre Pio quote. I wasn't aware of that one.

Claude said...

I most strongly believe that, however much Fr. Spadaro SJ might obfuscate, offend and irritate, to tell him to drop dead is appalling. This kind of nastiness is now the style that we are increasingly seeing in comments and in blogs everywhere, and now particularly found in the invective from Hillary's supporters. Our Divine Lord, tells us to love and to pray for our enemies and to "Bless and do not Curse them".
Please do not allow the innate decency of the "Eye Witness" and the integrity of its mission to be sullied by this kind of totally irrelevant and uncalled for invective. Claude Newbury South Africa

Aged parent said...
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Aged parent said...


I am grateful to you for commenting and I understand your disappointment in the post.

In truth I hesitated before writing that headline for the very reasons you pointed out. I often use a bit of sarcasm when discussing these destroyers of the Faith and have not been above using some harsh language aimed at them. Look at it this way: if Pope Francis can be "boiling with rage" at the four Cardinals who are requesting some clarifications on his Amoris Laetitia, we Catholics too can be boiling with rage every time we see the Faith trampled, betrayed or ridiculed by the very people who should be defending it. Having said that I do know that men as execrable as Spadaro have to be prayed for, as does our rather odd Pope, whom I pray for every night at bedtime.

Then too it is necessary for arrogant twits like Spadaro to understand that many are not going to sit quietly by while he trashes Faith and morals. Church history as we know is replete with instances of Catholics, some of high rank, castigating the hierarchy with very strong language for their failures and scandals. While I am not a Saint I think we too can castigate them from time to time and not feel any remorse for doing so.

I deduce from your kind comment that you are a frequent visitor here, for which I am very grateful. I hope you will overlook my shortcomings both as a writer and a Catholic and continue visiting. And I hope you will also continue to comment and not to be shy about using fraternal correction, which you have done here, to keep this wayward editor on track. Also I do hope that you notice that since I began this site in 2011 it has been my policy to respect the cloth these people wear while not necessarily respecting the men who desecrate that cloth.

Again my thanks for your helpful comment and do please never hesitate to write whenever you are moved to do so. With every good wish for the coming Advent Season....



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