Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Homosexual rape of a boy is OK in Austria. Mr Putin objects.

President Putin is appalled by what is going in in Europe, and has some words to say about it..


Edison Frisbee said...

Why am I supposed to dislike this guy again?

Vox Cantoris said...

I could not agree with you more, Edison. I keep looking for reasons why I should hate Putin and Russia as everyone in the West tells me I should and can't come up with one.

Russia is not my/our enemy!

Anonymous said...

It's good that a figure of international standing such as president Putin has spoken out about crimes such as these which are happening on a daily basis in Britain, Europe and now even in Australia. Being a diplomat he leaves out 2 facts which are slowly filtering into the consciousness of many people. firstly, the 'rape-u-gees' are doing these vile things because they know they can get away with them, and secondly and most importantly, the elites who deliberately allowed them into our lands did so with the malice aforethought that such crimes would occur. The mask is off, the elites are openly displaying their hostility against their fellow citizens and the elites don't even care. That alone demonstrates their power.

Aged parent said...

Thank you all for the comments.

As an aside I just saw on some blog ("shoebat" or "dingbat" or some such thing)a reference to this, shifting the whole discussion onto Muslims only, thereby missing the entire point of Putin's words, to wit: Europe has to protect its children from ALL predators, be they African "refugees", homosexual pedophiles or evil governments.

It's perfectly fine to point out the danger of allowing non-Christian "immigrants" into Christian lands as this blog has been doing for donkeys years, but that is NOT the only danger we are facing, and Putin was right to say what he did. These violent migrants (see the latest Paris mayhem videos) prove only that once again the powers-that-be are using an underclass to disrupt and destroy neighborhoods, cities and even continents like Europe.

My recommendation to these blogs who focus on only one issue, the Muslim one, would be to look behind the curtain once in awhile to see who is pulling the strings.

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