Friday, November 11, 2016

Gary Potter on the election

"Although these lines won’t reach readers until after the event, in real time they are written prior to the November 8 presidential election. The voting won’t affect what is said because neither of the major-party candidates, not the one who can’t be trusted nor the other who is corrupt, is a person a Catholic would want for U.S. President, not a Catholic who understands that the laws of a nation should buttress Christian living, not militate against it – the kind of laws that existed when Christendom did and Jesus Christ was recognized as King of society.
From the point of view of such a Catholic the ideal presidential candidate would be one who campaigned for an end to legal abortion on demand, no-fault divorce and same-sex marriage, among other things.
Of course such a candidate is inconceivable today. No fringe party would nominate him or her, let alone the Democrats or Republicans. If one did, he or she would not be elected. The American people, to the extent such a people can still be said to exist, aren’t that Christian anymore. Modernity has them too strongly by the throat.
They aren’t unique in this respect. Though Russia is the one major country left in the world in which Christianity plays a visible role in its public life, a poll a few days ago showed seventy percent of Russians opposed to making abortion illegal. This even after the head of their Church, Patriarch Kiril, went before the State Duma (parliament) to appeal to legislators for it.
In Catholic Poland, leaders of the governing Law and Justice Party let it be known in early October that they planned to introduce legislation that would outlaw all abortion for any reason, including the life of the mother, but backed down when thousands of women went into the streets of Warsaw and other major cities to protest.
Is there any country where women wouldn’t protest against such a law, or where the government wouldn’t knuckle under when they did? Not these days. These days are dark and promise to become darker (the choice facing voters on the 8th testifies to that). Will Christians ever see light again? France’s great nineteenth-century prelate Cardinal Pie knew when they would."

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Anonymous said...

A very good article. Gary Potter has an impressive command of modern European history.
At the bottom of that article is a link to his other postings, particularly relevant is his discussion of the events in Paris of February 6, 1934. As he cogently points out the international leftist were / are only too eager to use the false 'rightist' of Nazism to discredit genuine Christian teaching regarding the limited powers of any government.
The French people are still burdened by the diktats of the Grand Orient Lodge, but let's hope Cardinal Pie was correct and France will soon return to her noble heritage.

Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this article. My argument in this election and every election "that is the most important one in our lifetime" is that nothing will be solved. It cannot be solved by a system that denies Christ the King. Many voted for Trump because they could buy some time, if that was the sole reason I can understand that from a tactical viewpoint; however, many consider him the second coming and that his selection of "conservative" supreme court justices will start the return of America's greatness. This is what is frustrating. That will only happen when we start to reclaim our families, our neighbors and neighborhoods one by one for Christ and His Holy Church.

Aged parent said...

Good observations, Anon. France and other once-Catholic European nations are key to any kind of restoration, which is why the Lodge and its creators keeps them subjugated. One wonders what will be restored first, the Church or Europe. It may be that Europe is restored first and then shames our Modernists in Rome to shape up.

Unknown: Well said. People forget that Trump can nominate anyone he wants to the Supreme Court but it will be a very hostile Senate that will have to confirm that nomination. Look what happened to Judge Robert Bork.

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