Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day, 2016

Everyone on the internet is talking about the American election, especially today, and the temptation to dive in and comment is hard to resist.  It is certainly true that what happens today in the US will affect the world situation.  But I would like to call attention to the fact that, important as the presidential election in the US is, what happens in Europe is even more significant.

I am not necessarily speaking of European elections though they are important.  What I am trying to convey is the idea that in the grand scheme of things Europe is far more important than America. America has always been from the time of the founding fathers a plutocracy governed by a rich elite with only a facade of "democracy".  When in the beginning of the nation the people were still somewhat sane and religious, and the wealthy had a few more scruples than they do today, things were fairly peaceful and prosperous.  That did not last too long.  With an insatiable thirst for land-grabbing (think California, Mexico, the Spanish South, etc.) followed by the temptations of despotism America soon changed completely from its founding principles, such as they were, and ended up by driving a stake through the heart of the country, that stake being the Civil War.

America's plutocrats of old, of which George Washington was one, perhaps had misgivings about what they must have suspected was coming but in the end their pocketbook ruled over their hearts. [As an aside there is a charming , if doubtful story about Washington converting on his deathbed to Catholicism.  It's a nice story but given the man's background it is more than a little doubtful.  But even if it is true, his conversion only helped his eternal soul possibly to enter Heaven.  It did nothing to undo the damage he had done as president and founding father.] America went rapidly downhill after it began and the Civil War was the death knell.

We are not the "indispensable nation" as our last several presidents have so grandieloquently stated. [Mr Obama doesn't agree.  He believes America does the work of God.  Here in perfect harmony the delusional and the perverse meet.]  A nation that would believe that cannot see the destruction that awaits them.

Does this mean we should not love our homeland?  Of course not.  But we deceive ourselves if we believe that our homeland will be anything but a troubled land in its present state.

Now Europe has a long, centuries-old tradition of Catholicism, and though it has been attacked, divided, corrupted and unfaithful still has something, the Faith left, which can be built upon.  It can be rebuilt as a Catholic continent.  And if Europe returns to its Catholic roots it will have so great an effect upon the world that not even the nuclear arsenal of America will be a match for it.  It is what happens in Europe that will determine the fate of mankind on earth, not a US election.

To illustrate the importance of Europe one needn't go into a long study of European history (though I would advise it strongly); one only needs to look at the forces working together to eradicate Europe as a Christian Thing. Rich billionaires are funding an influx of antagonistic strangers into a Catholic land, and as Catholicism now hangs by a thread in Europe these oligarchs believe they can finish the job by importing an invading army of non-Catholics.  The Oligarchs are not stupid. They understand the importance of Europe as an enemy to be utterly destroyed.

And if the billionaires cannot achieve this by themselves they will always have the help of the treasonous clergy of the Catholic Church.  In this they are extremely lucky: they have a feminized, homosexualized, perverted clergy high and low who are only too happy to join in the festivities of destruction in what must be called the most amazing act of collective suicide in history, material as well as spiritual.  They now have a Pope who will perform cheap stunts like the recent one in Lund, Sweden, to demoralize those Catholics left who still cling to the Faith with their last chipped fingernails.  They are riding a crest and enjoying it.  The sickening Catholic clergy who cheer Christ's bitterest enemies on and even help them behind the scenes must enjoy their work because the trajectory of self-destruction is heading inexorably and swiftly to its awful conclusion.  They are intoxicated by their own perfidy.

American voters be aware: take note of the tragedy of Ireland.  The people of Ireland recently - and happily - voted their own obliteration when the so-called Catholic populace voted overwhelmingly to bring sodomite "marriage" into the land of Saints and scholars.  There was talk noised around that they did this due to their understandable disgust at the homosexual scandals among the Irish clergy.  If that is true, and the Irish character can be a bit perverse at times, then there is a classic cast of biting off your nose to spite your face.  To express their resentment of homosexual scandals Irish voters committed collective suicide.  So we Americans should not be surprised if a perverted murderess like Hillary Clinton gets elected today.  We need only look at Ireland.

The buck, as it always does, stops in Rome, specifically in the Chair of Peter.  It is the lack of governance or downright treason and stupidity that has brought the world to its present tragic state. The temptation to blame all this on Vatican II is a common one, but it is not true.  As this writer has written before, Vatican II was the festering sore that finally broke spilling its pus all over the world. The infection began at least a century before 1962.  Why else were Popes Pius IX and St Pius X so appalled by the Masonic inroads in the Church in their time?

But in spite of all this there is still a core of the Faith left in Europe which can be the basis of rebuilding Christendom.  America never had that so to expect it to suddenly become a beacon of hope in unrealistic.  I am cynical enough to believe that America has had its day and is now a dying, thrashing Empire in its final stages, a wreck that cannot be brought to life.  I hope I am wrong.  It can still bring on another World War by antagonizing Russia or continuing to destroy Middle Eastern countries that Israel does not like.  So it has the potential to bring more untold death and destruction to the world to satisfy the super-rich and the enemies of Christ. [I am told that Donald Trump wants to avoid war.  I am glad to hear it, if true.  I am a little doubtful of that as long as he continues to pander to the Tel Aviv madmen, the ones who goaded America into the destruction of Libya, Iraq and now Syria, whom it is said he has great love for.  We shall see.]

A Catholic Europe can trump even an anti-Catholic Empire which is why I believe the key to our survival as people lies in the rebuilding of Europe - but first and foremost a rebuilding of the Church. Right now it is clear as daylight that God is punishing us with the worst collection of clerics in the Church's history.  How long will He allow this to go on is anybody's guess.  But He is telling us something.  The Faith must be rebuilt.  We can only begin rebuilding it by getting on our knees with the beads.

I trust it goes without saying that I am truly worried about what is coming to my homeland in the wake of a Hillary victory.  There will be  more dead babies, more tyranny, more race riots, more persecution, an elevation of every form of sexual degeneracy to unimaginable levels.  The middle class will be gutted even more, the rich will get much richer, fatherless thugs will be more emboldened and more chaos will come to the last remaining peaceful areas of our country.  Yes, I am concerned by these things.  But I recognize that a land that had bad beginnings is doomed to have a bad end, unless God intervenes as a response to fervent prayer and sensible action.  One form of action can be elections. In today's election we know only two things: Trump is a gamble; Hillary is a certainty.

Today we Americans have a choice between a fellow sinner and a truly diabolical person. Those who would vote for a monster like Hillary Clinton are asking for evil, and if she wins they'll get it.


philipjohnson said...

Brilliant analysis of the perfidy in Rome,Europe and the USA.The Devil is in Rome as we speak but He will not win!Keep writing.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Mr Johnson. We need to "keep praying and punching" as the late Hamish Fraser used to say.

Anonymous said...

A very thoughtful article.
The Catholic Church's ambivalent attitude to the ongoing destruction of Europe is an eerie echo of the events in South America presented in the film 'The Mission', (1986).
It is almost allegorical to present events.

Aged parent said...

Many thanks, Anon. I have not seen the film you mention but in light of your interesting comment I probably will.

Hillary for Prison said...

I have not heard mention of the mi,itary votes, but I can report on the Amish vote. I live near one of the biggest Amish communities in the country. I was just told by my Amish cabinetmaker that the Amish voted. They voted because they had to help stop the succubus. They had trouble justifying the vore for Trump so in typical Amish fashion they "voted for his running mate".😂😉

Aged parent said...

Interesting, Hillary for Prison. Thanks.

The great comedian W.C> Fields (who openly despised Eleanor Roosevelt by the way) once stated that he never votes FOR someone, always AGAINST.

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