Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Is the Banana Republic finally over?

One hopes so even if severe doubts remain.  Frankly I expect no drastic changes with the new administration simply because Mr Trump has not demonstrated yet, at least to this writer, that he actually understands the forces which propelled him into power.  His recent interviews would seem to confirm that.

Yes, he has vague notions about this or that policy issue, but the platforms, planks and suggested appointments (thus far) do not bode well for conservatives sick and tied of sodomy, war-mongering and control by unelected elites.  Mr Trump walked, I believe somewhat unwittingly, into a nation-wide revolt against the sickness and filth of our government.  I say "unwittingly" because many of his pronouncements did not seem to gel with what the voters wanted.  nevertheless the voters gambled on him and he won.  We will now have to wait and see what happens.

Everyone is on edge over what he is going to do or not do.  The Queer Brigade ostensibly is worried though I cannot for the life of me understand why.  Has he not made it abundantly clear in his campaign and at the convention, and in recent interviews, that he has no interest in tackling their nation-destroying proclivities?

The war-mongers who want unlimited death and destruction in the Middle East are worried.  But why?  Mr Trump is appearing to surround himself with the same types who created all that death and destruction.  Even the execrable and truly psychotic John Bolton is trying to worm his way into the new administration.  Can Trump withstand this kind of pressure to keep us out of these immoral and unjust wars of aggression against nations and people who have done us no harm?  I hope so but have my doubts. (This writer hopes we will not have four more years of Bush/Obama: http://www.fff.org/2016/11/14/trumps-foreign-policy-four-years-bush-obama/)

Prudence and realism should be our attitudes now.  And if we wish to act we must keep the pressure of The Donald to "drain the swamp" as he so colorfully put it.


Hopeful in Ohio said...

Saint Padre Pio might have advised us to Pray, Vote and Don't Worry. We did just that. Now is the time for trust and hope because God did not grant us a political victory over the devil for nothing. My family has pledged to offer the first three Aves of every rosary for our new President Trump.

Aged parent said...

I agree, Hopeful. Praying for the man is a sound idea.

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