Monday, November 21, 2016

Conservatives and the Homosexual Agenda

We would like to recommend - but not for the fainthearted - the following article over at Chronicles by Mr Jack Trotter.  Before we go on we must warn the reader that sections of this article are repulsive in the extreme, so be warned of that.

If you can get through it you will find an eye-opening account of how this particular sex perversion has found acceptance in our country.  Some conservatives will not like the answer.  But when it is read dispassionately and with an awareness of what has been going on around us for a very, very long time we believe the reader will find it to be a convincing answer to the question, "Why has this horror descended upon us so suddenly?"

The article does not get into specific religious reasons for this acceptance of aberration, but regular readers here will see clearly that the phenomenon that Mr Trotter describes is very much at the heart of the current homosexual problem afflicting the Catholic Church.  If we read Mr Trotter's article and then read how Dr E Michael Jones described the Great Indiana Sellout recently we can see that a common theme runs through both pieces [see Jones' "Hoosier Hysteria" in the May 2015 issue of Culture Wars].  It is the connivance of Big Business (among others, obviously) that is at the heart of the promotion of this unnatural vice.  That theme tells us much.  Those who uncritically support every aspect of Capitalism may be disturbed by Mr Totter's shocking article. And those Bishops who hide behind the meaningless term "sexual orientation" may also be in for a shock.

For example, Jones re the Indiana Bishop's lacklustre response to the Indiana fiasco:

If by “sexual orientation”, the bishops are referring to a tendency or a temptation, the term is completely irrelevant to the debate because the law cannot adjudicate states of mind. If, however, by sexual orientation they mean homosexual behavior—the only meaning that makes sense in this debate—then the bishops had no choice but to condemn sodomy as immoral and proclaim discrimination against those who practice that unspeakable vice as justified. Instead of doing that, the Catholic bishops, who supported the RFRA during the run-up to its passage as law in Indiana, evaded the real issue by their equivocal use of the term “sexual orientation,” which allows Catholic bishops to speak out of both sides of their mouths whenever the gender ideologues provoke a church-state crisis.

We as a nation have been the victims of yet another "color revolution", with the colors of the rainbow doing the dubious honors.  That Revolution has engulfed nearly everything even, to be sure, numerous Catholics, clerical and lay.

The Cardinal Dolan Affair from last December is the prefect example of what happens when, as Jones puts it, Bishops speak out of both sides of their mouths.

The Trotter article is here:

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