Sunday, October 26, 2014


This article written by Hamish Fraser was composed while Paul VI was still on Peter's throne and Communism was still menacing the world.  Yet Fraser's insights were remarkably prescient.

Both Pope Paul and the Soviet Union are gone but bad ideas never go away; they just find new bodies in which to colonize.  In this, therefore, let us take note and warning.

A quote:

"Today, paradoxically, Revolutionary Marxism's most flourishing 
clientele comprises Catholic theologians and prelates. Indeed, if it 
were not so incredibly tragic, the present grotesque state of affairs 
within the Church would be too funny for words - in that the 
Church has been completely overhauled in the vain hope of 
appeasing a regime whose very rulers already instinctively realise 
that it is doomed."

Communism was and is doomed, still creakily alive in some countries while the stain of it is being washed away in others.  Hamish died in 1986 so he did not live long enough to witness the amazing events of 1989.  While he would have viewed these events with that same careful eye he applied to other events in Church and State I feel convinced he would have noted the irony (as his son Tony did) of Comunism's worst aspects being adopted in other countries, most notably in the United States, and that its essentially virulently anti-monarchial mindset would have found a comfortable home in the hearts of a number of Catholic churchmen.  The article is understandably dated in one or two aspects considering its appearance in 1975 but there is much red meat here and it is well worth a read.

Our late friend and colleague Anthony Fraser put his father's article on his Apropos website, and you can find it in its entirety here:


Anonymous said...

Be Thou oir King, Lord! Be Thou King!!!

Anonymous said...

A remarkable and prescient article by Hamish Frazer, especially so considering it was written in 1975!It is to our shame that 'we' didn't see the Church's willing embrace of Marxist 'thought' way back in the 1950's and 60's. It should have been obvious even with a casual reading of the Papal Encyclicals written since 1958. We weren't attentive or sufficiently vigilant.
However, the Church is like a giant cargo ship and is bound on a course which it cannot easily change even if it wanted to. It will continue on its marxist-globalist course until it runs out of fuel.

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