Monday, October 6, 2014


Mr Bale, scowling
Would someone kindly ease Mr Ridley Scott back into his bath chair and wheel him off to the Home for Old Forgotten Movie Directors?  He's back again, I'm afraid, and looking the fool, no mean feat even by the low standards of Hollywood, with a new "take" on Moses..

One inept "Biblical" epic after another rolls out from the Entertainment Industry, each one more ridiculous than the one before it, loaded with increasingly tiresome "digital effects", directed by directors who cannot direct, actors who cannot act, writers who cannot write and all flung before a gullible public eager to lap up this undigestible stew.  Apparently the last attempt, the very funny NOAH, starring plug-ugly ham bone Russell Crowe, who screamed his lines throughout the entire movie, was not enough to convince people that the Industry really has lost touch completely.

How did I find out about this new masterpiece?  On a Catholic website I am sorry to say.

They call the Republicans the "Stupid Party" for continually shooting themselves in the foot in the face of their bitterest opponents.  If Catholics keep flocking to these crappy movies which make their enemies rich we will soon be calling Catholics "The Stupid Religion".

Mr Crowe, screaming
Christian Bale as Ridley Scott's Moses

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Anonymous said...

Does anyone, other than kiddies, actually go to the movies these days? The genuinely creative pioneers of cinematography such as the Lumiere brothers and George Melies were eventually pushed aside by 'you know who'. Hollywood then began its long march to ridicule Christianity and European Civilization. And what did we do in response to this egregious assault? Nothing much except form the weak-kneed Hayes Code.
So, yes, we do deserve the epithet 'stupid', especially now that we have churchmen of most denominations giving approval to abortion and acclaiming the 'joys' of sodomy. The very things the best of our pagan ancestors did not tolerate.
To add further insult to our sense of honor we have the present occupant of the Vatican City, "just call me Francis", hosting a soccer match to promote peace in the Mid-East. It would be a comedy if it weren't so sadly farcical. At the start of this fiasco a scantily clad Argentine nymphet sang John Lennon's "Imagine", the anthem of the brainless new left. All this done with the inane grinning approval of Franky!

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