Saturday, October 4, 2014

7,000 police, armored vehicles & helicopters to protect 200 parading poofs and pederasts

Now there's a great way to spend public money.  Thousands of cops, tanks, helicopters?  That's a bit much, in my view.

And it's a great way to see how the EU boot sits upon the necks of the Serbs.  If anyone ever had any doubts as to intentions of the EU we have only to read this report:

In short, if you want to join the EU you must trample upon Christianity and exalt perversion.



Anonymous said...

Yes, but it is necessary. You know the evil that the decent folk perpetrated against the poofs and pederasts. Why, they they spit and curse and throw things like urine and feces and expose their private parts and.... Oh, wait!

Anonymous said...

"By their fruits you shall know them". The EU is an evil organization that is hellbent on destroying Europe and Christianity.
By the control the EU has over the supply of money it has the potential to make or break nations. Ask the Greeks about that.
A few years ago I visited Strasbourg and the 'Euro Parl'. The building is full of Masonic iconography, no surprise there, but what did surprise me and gave me hope for the future is the building's uncanny resemblance, surely unintentional, to the Tower of Babel as depicted in a painting by Hieronymous Bosch!

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