Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Gifts of Homosexuals

The Synod would like us to recognize the "gifts" of homosexuals.  Here are just a few, in no particular order:

1.  Self-loathing when they finally realize what they are doing to their minds, souls and bodies.

2.  Hepatitus-B

3.  The destruction of an adolescent boy's innocence, mind, ability to reason and degradation, when they are buggered by sodomites.

4.  Catholic dioceses facing bankruptcy in order to pay off the victims of buggery by homosexual priests.

5.  Shame, enduring shame, the stain of which will never be wiped off.

6.  The entire Catholic Faith called into question by astounded onlookers who cannot believe what they are seeing.

7.  A catastrophic fall in conversions to the true Faith.

8.  The mockery and jibes of the world, especially our Orthodox friends who can now say, "See, I told you so".

9.  The spread of AIDS.

10. Good priests being driven mad by homosexual priests, Bishops, Cardinals as they try to uphold the tatters of the authentic teachings of Jesus Christ.

11. Good priests being driven to leave the priesthood altogether due to the new "thinking" (if you can call it that) on homos and those gifts they bring.

12. Seminaries that drive out good men (need I elaborate on this?)

13. The Church driving Her children to despair - something Popes and Bishops will pay for one day.

14. The credibility of the Church shattered almost beyond repair.

15. Ruined lives.

16. Murder

Lastly, one more gift...

17. The anger of God as He sees His Church embrace one of the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

If the Synod continues in the direction that was already staged and choreographed from the beginning, and if the Pope allows this to go on (as so far he is) then it is not unreasonable to say that the Gates of Hell are at the very point of prevailing.

It is 5 minutes to midnight, Pope Francis.


Damask Rose said...

Dear Aged Parent

I would add that this Synod has removed the right and obligation that parents have to pray for their child's conversion from homosexuality.

Have you seen this from the Jonah blog:


"American male highschool athletes just can't quit anal hazing."

The normalising of male rape, and what will these boys grow up to become?

Aged parent said...

Yes, Damask Rose, I did see that article. Unspeakable.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Catholic and I struggle against homosexual temptations. I've found priests to be welcoming and supportive, except for one who suggested that I should just accept a gay lifestyle.

And, with this background, I feel betrayed by this Pope and his Synod collaborators. They give no encouragement to someone who is trying to be chaste.

Timothy O'Keefe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

The previous commentator offered you a kind and encouraging reply which, I am sad to say, he has decided to remove. But I was in total agreement with it. And I thank him for posting it, even for so short a time.

Yes, we have all been betrayed by certain Churchmen who do not seem to want to help struggling sinners (myself included) overcome their sins. But that is the reality right now and we must go on anyway, trusting in what we know has been written in our hearts. Falling and rising again is the story of sinners, but rise me must with the help of the Sacraments.

Thank you for writing.

Anonymous said...

There are those, not many, who suffer from same sex attraction disorder or are confused about their own sexuality. Then there are the pure perverts who would sexually abuse anyone and anything they can get their hands on. Unless you have witnessed the unbridled and very public sexual acts of perverts in black leather, chains and dog collars you will never understand that there is a MAJOR difference between the two.

Anthony Gonzales and a few other Catholic men videoed quite a bit of these goings on in San Francisco. The video was on his website for a good while but sadly is no longer there. Vile and disgusting as it was I made sure everyone I knew took a look at it. It was a real game changer. Mr. Gonzales and friends also documented every bit of the queer shenanigans that they could on paper, flew it to Rome and handed it to...I believe...Cardinal Burke. I do not know what if anything was done about it. As far as. I know the perverts who call themselves the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence still mock the Eucharist yet recieve Communion at the local catholic church.

Aged parent said...

Ana @7:15am:

I am pleased that you took the trouble to write that thoughtful comment, which is much appreciated.

I do feel, however, that we have to be extremely careful when we use such terms as "same sex attraction". Or "confusion" over one's sexuality. From a simple layman's point of view I would caution people from using these terms as an alternative to good, old-fashioned temptations. While I would agree that certain events in the life of a growing child could trigger such awful temptations we must guard against characterizing them as some sort of disease, or malady, that needs special treatment. Forgetting the actions of the Evil One in these matters puts us on a twisting road that leads to a dead end. Many of our Churchmen have fallen into this trap, where they no longer preach against the sin of sodomy and accept the dubious proposition that people are "born that way", a n idea so false that if brought to its logical end would have us saying that murderers, wife beaters and felons are also "born that way".

I only mention these things to suggest a cautious approach to it, never forgetting that there is an Angelic Intelligence behind all this new-fangled confusion about the sin of sodomy. That Intelligence has colonized the minds of a growing number of people who have simply taken leave of their senses when it comes to sodomy. We have only to look at what is happening in Holy Church to prove to us the dangers of walking down a false road.

Many thanks again for your comments.

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