Thursday, October 2, 2014


We have been watching this case quietly, trying to see what has and what will develop, and are trying to take a cold, honest look at the events.  But it seems that everyone is entitled to defend himself, and Sandro Magister has published the Bishop's words in his own defense.  They are here:

There is much to this story that still needs to come out, but it does seem that we are seeing a prime example of selective outrage on the part of the Vatican.

But we will add this: all traditional religious orders had better be on their guard against the type of priest that became the albatross around the neck of Livieres.  There are, unfortunately, some traditional religious orders who appear to have a bit of an arrogance problem and this is not good at all.

Sin is not confined only to the Modernists, even if it sometimes seems they have a patent on it.

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